Software Product Engineering

Faster time to market, shorter product lifecycles, optimal functionality, proven expertise, customized integration. We offer excellent product development solutions and Give Wings to your product..

With our domain expertise built over the last more than 16 years, Pratham Software (PSI) has delivered hi-tech OPD services. We specialize in software product development across platforms.

Innovation is at the core of every approach we take in the development process. We understand the rising market pressures to bring profitability.

Today the market has matured both in terms of usage and in terms of the competition and this has resulted in growth in the Product Development market. We at Pratham Software (PSI) enable you to reach these heights of inventive growth.

  • Select the right technology and align it with your business objectives and product requirements for a viable product solution.

  • Quality is not just confined to the source code but it prevails across the entire project delivery.

Product Engineering Services @ PSI

Since its inception in 2000, Pratham Software (PSI) has provided OSPD services to its client. Leveraging on its people expertise, it has successfully played an integral role in developing a number of global level enterprise class products.

We provide services across the Product development spectrum. Our experience and technical know-how in this area extends beyond just development to include functional enhancements, migration and porting, testing, maintenance and support.

We have successfully worked on numerous software products. Moreover, NASSCOM has recognized us amongst the top 25 companies in the OSPD space.

At Pratham Software (PSI), we enable you to select the right technology and align it with your business objective and product requirements. It is further secured by simultaneous risk management, product configuration and quality management.

Our capabilities:

In terms of platforms, Pratham Software (PSI) has expertise and experience across all major platforms viz. Microsoft, Java, Linux, PHP, etc. In addition, we work on leading mobility platforms namely, Android, iOS and Windows.

We have flexibility to work on product development projects using various project management methodologies like Agile, RUP, Extreme Programming,Waterfall and co-development etc.

Software Product Life Cycle Solutions:


We offer our clients (specifically ISVs) a complete Software Product Life Cycle Management solution, which involves strategic support from our experts for various phases of product lifecycle; ranging from product inception/introduction to product maturity and maintenance. We hold applied experience with core product engineering services comprising;

Four core heads of OPD @ Pratham Software (PSI):

  1. New product development: We understand our customer’s diversified needs of new software product development. We have designed, developed and successfully implemented software products for both end clients and software product marketers. We understand the economics and maintain optimum balance between crucial factors like, time to market, better management of resources, market and technology risks, reliability, fit for purpose, etc.
  2. Feature & functional enhancement: We have developed productriented dynamic processes, which enables us to react to growing as well as changing needs of customers. By adopting distributed Agile development methodologies we add new features and unctionality to existing products and provide strategic advantages, namely,reduced time-to-market, lowered total cost of ownership and de-risking in business.
  3. Maintenance and Support: Our product support team is anamalgamation of technology and domain specialists providing quality support and maintenance. In addition, we offer support for Database,data warehouse and Network.
  4. Migration and Porting services: It is a challenge to support roducts across different platforms. Our Migration and Porting services enable our product evelopment clients to meet cross-platform compatibility challenges by providing transformation from source to target, across design architectures and platforms, while optimizing the code for equivalent or superior performance. Moreover, we have evolved a mature migration methodology that wraps all stages ranging from impact analysis to deployment and testing.

Product Testing & QA

We bring extensive experience to produce commercial grade of quality software products in the light of contemporary challenges faced by a successful enterprise. At Pratham Software (PSI), Quality is not just confined to the source code but it is much more than that. We understand that in today’s complex heterogeneous business environment software products are supposed to excel on scalability, portability, security, industry processes and integration aspects of an enterprise..

Our Solutions stack:

  • Unit, multi-unit & system testing
  • User acceptance testing (UAT)
  • Functional testing
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Installation & Configuration testing
  • Security testing
  • Localization and Internationalization testing
  • Products integration testing
  • Regression testing

Our Expertise

  • Test Management Tools:
    • Team Foundation Server 2013
    • MS Test Manager 2013
    • Redmine 3.3.0
    • Bugzilla (2.0 and higher)
    • Team Foundation Server 2013
  • Automation Tools:
    • Selenium (2.0 and higher)
    • Ranorex (5.x and above)
    • QTP 8.2
    • Appium 1.x
  • Performance Tools:
    • JMeter 2.x
    • Load Runner 12.50
  • Security Testing Tools:
    • OWASP ZAP 2.5.0

SQA Highlights

  • Highly Managed Test Labs
  • Cross Platform test coverage including Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Mobility platforms
  • Multiple configurations coverage
    • Web and Application Servers
    • Multiple database coverage
  • Automation Tool Usage
  • Performance Bench-Marking and Profiling
  • Iterative Testing

Application Development & Maintenance

We bring technical expertise and partner with our clients to develop Custom Software Solutions and contemporary Applications for greater ROI enabling faster time to market.

  • Experienced specialists in business analysis and architectural practice areas.

  • ...we are in a position to deliver value generating solutions for our clients.

  • ...offer technical expertise, domain know how and hands on experience.

  • ...successfully deliver on unique enterprise requirements.

Business decision take place in real time and any kind of interruption with the smooth flow of the business application can impact these decisions and resultant growth. It is crucial to partner with a software services provider who holds expertise across various technology domains and methodological approach for service delivery. Over a decade, PSI has been delivering application development services to global customers across geographies and domains.

ADM @ Pratham Software (PSI)

We provide application development services across technology domains and applications. Moreover, we have gained experience and expertise in the following technology areas: Client server, desk top and web based applications working on technologies such as: .NET, C++/C#, Java, J2EE, EJB, Web logic, JSP, ASP, CGI, MS Access, SQL, and Oracle, etc.

With our process driven approach, we bring extensive experience across diversified technology platforms. Our quality and process framework is directed by ISO 9001:2008 specifications.

We offer:

  • Bespoke/Custom Application Development: Technically, any application developed is customized; the difference being that the packaged applications are designed for a generic functionality to serve a broad range of users. Pratham Software (PSI)’s flexible approach enables the client to materialize virtually and conceptually.
  • Application Migration: When organizations grow & transform there is a need to integrate their existing systems and applications with the Web or shift from the existing technology or platform to some other technology/platform while still retaining the competitive advantage of their conventional and established systems. Our migration and re-engineering services help you successfully transform your existing systems and data to other platforms.
  • Application Testing: Our experts acquire knowledge of the application, deploy dedicated infrastructure and human resource in testing the application. The applications are tested at a macro level for performance, functionality, compatibility and regression. Independent modules/units are tested for the above mentioned features.
  • Application Maintenance: It is crucial to maintain the non-discretionary IT costs (cost of maintenance of the current running applications) in control. We provide low-cost management and safeguard your mission-critical applications, ensuring that your systems evolve with your business and adapt to the market conditions.
  • Application Integration: We hold expertise across various application development platforms and implementation solutions by integrating client’s business strategy with technology. We ensure that we maintain speed and responsiveness in our delivery ; boosting efficiency in business operations.

Our Approach

With new architectures, processes and technologies getting upgraded every day, we offer the perfect combination of technical expertise, domain know-how and hands-on experience to successfully deliver on unique enterprise requirements. Our practice is highly client-oriented and technologically sound with mature project management and sound metrics management as its key ingredient.

Application Development Services

Software Testing

We partner with you beyond getting your products market-ready. By offering focused Software Testing and Quality Assurance services, we enable faster time-to-market with utmost quality control; hence Assuring Value.

  • Comprehensive software testing services strengthened by an independent center of excellence.

Testing and Quality Assurance are integral to a product’s operational success. We offer comprehensive software testing services strengthened by an independent Center of Excellence. Our QA group contributes significantly to all our Software Development Projects as well as operates on Independent Testing projects. It operates as an independent Verification and Validation body, abiding by the QA Methodology and framework set by IEEE & ISO standards.

We have a dedicated team of certified Software Testing Engineers with certifications from ISTQB, HP and Cisco. Our range of Software Testing services cover Enterprise Applications, Web Portals, iPhone Platforms and technologies including J2EE, .Net, PHP, Lamp, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, etc.

Testing services @ Pratham Software (PSI)

  • Team with testing expertise across domains like Operational Business Intelligence, BPM, HealthCare, B2B, ERP, Banking, Advertisement, etc.
  • Test Project planning, management, architecture, implementation, people management, estimation and client consultations services
  • Developing Test plans, Integration plans, Test Case specifications
  • System testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, UAT and Cross-Browser Compatibility across browsers namely, IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, TheWorld, etc.
  • Distributed Deployment (DD), High Availability (HA), Load Balancer Testing Services across geographical regions
  • Automation Framework Design, Implementation & Support services
  • Functional Automation scripting skills using tools that best fit your needs like Selenium, Ranorex etc
  • Performance Automation services capturing Stress, Load, CPU & Memory utilization using JMeter, SilkPerformer, profiler etc
  • Test Management Services using Bugzilla, Jira, TFS etc
  • Mobile application testing using mobile devices & online simulators
  • Maintaining test metrics, test harness, RTM, Results Analysis, Reports, etc

We Offer:

Test Program Management


We cross bottlenecks and get your processes rolling in a seamless motion with our Business Process Management services. PSI’s BPM team collaborates with you to set the mechanism in place. We unlock your business processes and automate your business operations.

  • Beat inefficiencies in processes, further define them, automate them.

  • ...recommend you on effective options and add value to your business objectives.

  • ...eliminate application redundancies, provide business value and enhance the IT system’s performance.

There is a growing need for organizations to model their business processes, automate them and implement a method to constantly enhance them. It brings agility and innovation in their business processes and gives them more competitive edge. Finally provide business managers clarity to monitor and analyze the operations for efficiency.

BPM @ Pratham Software (PSI)

In line with our objective to be an end-to-end BPM solution provider, we have developed extensive expertise across processes, namely, BPM program development, product implementation, integration, support and maintenance services using SBM (Savvion Business Manager) suite of applications.

On the technology front we have capabilities to work on both licensed products, namely, Savvion and IBM BPM; and open source platforms namely Activiti. We customize our offerings by the requirements and cost-effectiveness.

Savvion’s BPM product SBM (Savvion Business Manager) is a global brand in BPM pure play vendors and has served more than 200 global business enterprises, public service agencies, systems integration firms, including 20 of the Fortune 2000, who have implemented Savvion systems to manage their business. We bring complete experience in SBM (Savvion Business Manager) implementation with topnotch blue chip MNCs and Fortune 500 clients providing Customization, Implementation, Business Process Production, Deployment and Support & Maintenance service.

We offer:

Business Process Discovery: Our team of experts work with you to define, map and analyze your organization’s existing business processes. It provides a baseline for process improvements and identifies key problem areas to be addressed by BPM, which eliminates mere guesswork.

Business Process Consulting: We play a crucial role in strategizing the roadmap for delivering Change Management solutions. Our endeavor is to make your business grow with operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility giving the enterprise an edge over the competition.

Business Process Implementation: Our team focuses on the objectives and critical success factors of the individual business segments to devise an efficient process with relevance to the overriding business objectives. In the process, we leverage extensive SBM (Savvion Business Manager) experience with strategic and tactical methodologies ensuring success.

Business Process Automation:We analyze and identify opportunities to automate some of the key processes using BPM platforms. This will ensure that the business processes are seamlessly implemented and integrated within your organization. Process Automation using BPM will help you measure performance easily and when the business demands. This enables you to respond to changing business conditions and enables you to have a better control and insight.

Business Process Re-engineering:With this we help organizations to fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to radically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors. While the business goal and strategy changes very dynamically in today’s competitive world, we enable you to identify bottlenecks in the current system, upgrade technology and need to re-engineer the complete set of processes used in current environment. This will help management to realign there goal backed by latest technology implementation.

Business Process Migration: Pratham Software (PSI) has the best in the industry experience of upgrading and migrating current set of processes in you BPM world. We provide end-to-end support ranging from identification of proposed solutions, till the actual implementation.

Process Testing (System, Integration & Performance):Testing of BPM solutions need a different set of approach and Pratham Software (PSI) has the team of best testing engineers in the industry and is equipped with latest testing tools. We serve complete testing needs along with reports and documentations. This helps organizations to implement the processes with error free tag.

Business Process Health check:Our experts review, analyze and evaluate current systems and provide recommendations for performance improvements , design changes, Application and hardware/software related configuration tuning, SQL optimization, DB tuning.

Production Support & Maintenance services:Pratham Software (PSI) team has invaluable onsite trouble shooting and experience on SBM suite of applications. Our application management, maintenance and support processes ensure that your systems are flexible to meet varying demands of your business, and provide measurable improvements to maximize your IT investments.

Pratham Software (PSI) Hybrid Support Model:

Business Process Management - PSI Hybrid Support Model

Content Engineering

With innovative and resourceful team of Visualizers, Designers and Developers with international exposure; we Transform the way you communicate; Enhance the impact of your content and Communicate effectively.

  • Expertise in Rich Media applications, develop engaging multimedia content.

With enormous flow of information and data across various online platforms, it becomes indispensable to streamline your content over the relevant virtual platforms embedding the required features and seek optimum mileage. This requires tremendous understanding and grasp over the trending technology.

At Pratham Software (PSI), our Multimedia team was conceptualized and formed with the vision to provide best suited solution to our customers. The solutions customized and provided are based on Adobe and other Multimedia technologies.

With expertise in Rich Media applications, we develop engaging multimedia content like, advertisements and integrate it with social media. We develop e-learning solutions and product demos using Flash technology. Our team has delivered over 5000 custom rich media advertisements with robust quality and review processes in place.

We bring about synergy and strategic utilization of Adobe technology platform with:

  • Extensive project experience on Adobe Flash and Flex technologies.
  • Upgrade the team members on Adobe cutting edge technologies.
  • Implement the best pattern and practices of architecture, design and development approaches.

Besides, we have versatile Rich Media Development experience with a strong emphasis on Actionscript 3.0 (OOP designs) with core expertise in application development using Flash & Flex, Digital Video integration, Live Data bindings and scalable frameworks.

We have worked with acclaimed Animation studios and production studios. However, our work is not limited to rich media demos, kiosks, Creative templates, websites (html5 and CSS3, PHP, Javascript, MySQL), and extendible applications. We also hold expertise in 3D Modeling, Animation and Asset Production. With specific requirements we can develop High Polygon as well as Low Polygon 3D models for Games and Simulation Engines.

View our elaborate portfolio on:

Mobility Solutions

We believe that User experience and brand success is at the core of any Mobile Application Development. Pratham Software (PSI) team develops application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

  • Our Mobility solutions experts work across contemporary platforms and technologies to develop the perfect interface for your business proposition.

We understand how important it is for you to create brand awareness and generate desired impact for your business.

In the current scenario, your mobile App is one of the initial gateways to your business. We understand how important it is for you to create brand awareness and generate desired impact for your business be it for consumer markets or Enterprise mobility solutions. At Pratham Software (PSI), we understand your perspective and work towards building effective solutions for consistent business growth.

Our Mobility solutions experts work across contemporary platforms and technologies to develop the perfect interface for your business proposition. We have worked across industry domains, understand the nuances and constantly innovate.

We have designed a game tracking app wherein the players and their coaches can track their performance by generating score sheets to analyze and further improvise. Pratham Software (PSI) has designed an app for an advertising conglomerate, which can be used by their clients to reach out to the end users.

We have effectively partnered with an Australian firm to develop self-service payroll application, which authorizes employees to access their pay slips, update leave records and expense statements through a secure online portal. The app is a web based workflow system, which reduces time and efforts of the staff.

Moreover, we have developed mobile application for players in the hospitality domain wherein the customers can easily enquire about the various services, make reservations and explore on their smart phones and tablets.

Pratham Software (PSI) has developed an app for real estate services, which includes all the property information and services. An application available in native languages for individuals to prepare for the theory based driving test. It allows both a learning mode and a test mode in line with the government driving license tests. The user can choose questions based on test topics and refer to the probable answers.

Enabling Startups

Formation, Validation, & Growth

For Startups to move on from the idea and innovation process, they need to think about value generation and creating a viable business model. This requires building a strong and committed team of both developers and business centric minds to create your venture a growing business and capture the value being created.

While there are a lot of organizations and individuals eager to help Startups with an innovative idea or product, there are only a few with the understanding of entrepreneurship, team founding and growing needs of an organization as it grows and its associated challenges.  Our expertise in adding value to startups spans across 17 years and 120+ solutions delivered across Finance, Education, Logistics, and Healthcare verticals. Our associations with these startups go beyond the traditional client and vendor relationships; we have taken numerous innovative decisions to ensure the development in the case of financial shortfalls and invested in the idea based on client’s belief and commitment to the cause.

We at PSI have both delivered market leading products and solutions from the ground up and brought to life solution and ideas, which were heading for the graveyard. PSI has been a reliable technology partner for inventive minds seeking resourceful partnerships to tackle their technology handicap and turning it into an advantage to create an innovative solution to resolve our day-to-day problems. Our philosophy has always been inclined towards the role of technology to shape the future and we help startups realize their dreams within their set timelines and budgets with us as partners. These partnerships have been the crux of all successful ventures and have been pivotal to the growth of the associated startups and PSI.

Our approach to begin with starts with identifying the problem the idea is was though towards solving and what can be the best fit to create a mix of technologies to build the solution. The turn of events that follow are as follows:

  • Proof of Concept (POC) Development
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development
  • UI/UX Services
  • Technology Consulting & Support
  • Product Lifecycle Management


DWH & Big Data

We make your data faster, smarter and relevant with our Agile DWH & Big Data solutions for organization operating across a wide range of industry domains.

  • We make your data faster, smarter and relevant.

  • ...we understand, develop, ensure & transform to simplify & optimize your processes.

Today DWH (Data Warehousing) is integral to consistent growth in any business environment. Operating your business without DWH is like navigating an unknown and ever changing landscape without a proper map. It is critical to obtain immediate access to relevant information and take action based on historical intelligence. This can be done through BI with DWH integrated solutions, which remain relevant, even during a downturn. The creation and management of DWH is the most critical part of the BI strategy.

DWH enables you to extract relevant patterns and apply it for business transformation and resulting growth. It places the required foundation for effective BI. DWH helps save time, provide historical intelligence and subsequently generate more ROI.

How we help

The challenge that most companies face these days is that there is too much data and little provision of its aggregation and analysis. In this context, Pratham Software (PSI) can simplify your processes and guide you with our technology and project management skills.

Our DWH team can help in assembling and organizing the data from difference sources into one destination. Our team is proficient in data warehousing, excel in various ETL (extract, transform and load) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools across multiplicity of data sources, diverse database platforms and operating systems in multi-lingual, multi-byte, multi-country implementations and rollouts.

We work closely with the customer’s Data Warehousing team and assist them to:

  • Understand business requirements and modeling systems pertaining to the situation at hand
  • Design, develop and implement database systems based on customer requirements.
  • Optimize database systems for performance efficiency which includes query optimization using execution plan and techniques, server configuration, etc.
  • Database Migration from legacy databases; transform the old processes into new and more efficient ones using contemporary tools and provide assistance & maintenance support.

Data Analytics & BI

Pratham Software (PSI)’s Data Analytics & BI Solutions enable organizations to gain competitive advantage. We collaborate with you to make more informed choices and transform.

  • Enable you to make more informed choice and business decisions.

Big data analytics enables organizations to analyze a mix of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in search of valuable business information and insights. It scrutinizes large data sets containing a variety of data types to unlock hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other relevant business information. These analytical findings can lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages and enhance business performance.

How we help

At Pratham Software (PSI) we understand that Data Analytics & BI is the need of the hour and how critical it is to derive relevant patterns out of this exploding data stretch. We can analyze and understand the analytics and trending needs of an organization and work out a solution that fits just for you.

Expertise @ Pratham Software (PSI):

  • Analytics using
  • SSRS Reports & Dashboards
  • Tableau Dashboards
  • Jaspersoft Reports & Dashboards
  • Hadoop Skills
  • Hadoop Cluster Administration
  • Importing / Exporting data using Sqoop
  • Processing Data on HDFS
  • Java MapReduce
  • Hive
  • Pig Latin
  • Ad-hoc Analysis using HiveQL
  • Create Reports / Dashboards from Hive

Cloud Computing

Anywhere, Anytime access', is our mantra for you with Cloud Computing Solutions & Services.

  • Understanding of business challenges across industries helps us to provide our customers the best of the solutions and choices in cloud and choose it right the first time.

Agile and robust infrastructure back-up is at the core of every business. Today Cloud has emerged to be phenomenal and subsequently indispensable across the business ecosystem. It enables businesses to hop the hassle of deploying physical infrastructure like file and e-mail servers, storage systems or shrink-wrapped software. Every business strives to attain maximum ROI and deploying on Cloud is the key to it.

How we help

At Pratham Software (PSI), we understand your business challenges, your objectives and recommend on the prudent way out. We enable you to bring agility, scalability and speed to the business and make the right choices for a risk-free deployment.

We collaborate with the customers and provide suitable solutions. We have experience of working with Amazon Cloud Infrastructure management, as Pratham Software (PSI) has been managing hosting for several clients on it. Some of the components of AWS that we have used and are using are: EC2, Route 53, CloudFront, S3, RDS, CloudFormation, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudWatch, IAM, SNS, SES.

Our understanding of business challenges across industries helps us to provide our customers the best of the solutions and choices in Cloud and choose it right the first time.


Our expert team of Mobile App Developers have successfully conceptualized and crafted applications for both Mobile development platforms Android and iPhones.

  • Gained expertise in mobile application development sdk's (both android and iPhone).

Today the virtual world has evolved and moved to a different league altogether. Our mobility services environment brings a plethora of services just a touch away from you. The business ecosystem is revolutionizing to make it more and more customer friendly and enhance the usability factor. In this dynamic era it is crucial to have a partner who creates the right interface for you.

How we help

At Pratham Software (PSI), we are proficient in developing mobile applications for both Android and iPhone devices. We have developed both mobile installable apps as well as web applications that can be accessed through Mobile browsers. Our team has gained expertise in mobile application development SDK’s (both Android and iPhone), and have successfully delivered mobile apps with advanced features.

Apart from developing applications for the different OS, the team also offers comprehensive mobile testing services including automated testing and Xamarin test cloud.

We understand the business needs and objectives of our customers. We analyze and advise them on which business can be implemented on mobile and accordingly build solutions for them. With our expertise and the mobile applications built by us, our customers have been able to reach out to a larger client base.


Social Media

Venture into the virtual arena with our expertise.

  • Work with global customers to develop pioneering social media platforms with specified objectives.

Today we are experiencing proliferation of social media platforms in the virtual arena. Understanding these dynamics is imperative to further enhance and innovate in this volatile space.

At Pratham Software (PSI), our team understands your perspective and partners with you to finally reach the desired outcome.

How we help

At Pratham Software (PSI), we understand that innovation is at the core of any creation. We assess your requirements, conceptualize and work on solutions that are at par with the trending social media platforms. Today social media is constantly originating and redefining itself.

We have been collaborating with global companies to develop innovative & pioneering platforms. Pratham Software (PSI) team has partnered with a global firm to develop a corporate networking and knowledge sharing platform. This involves immense understanding of the trending social media environment and inventive outlook to take it to the next level.

Moreover, our teams advise and assist customers to integrate their applications with various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


We transform your enterprise and boost customer experience.

Leverage technology to transform your enterprise and boost customer experience; enhancing business efficiencies.

With applications, we take your CRM functionality to a different level and redefine the platform’s application for Sales, HR, Marketing, Finance and Custom Applications hosted on the Cloud. With Cloud services, you are saved of hardware/software installation, enabling faster risk deployment with swift upgradation.

Salesforce CRM is ideal for small businesses as well big that need to make the most of all their assets, including their people, customers, and technologies. It’s low cost because there are no big up-front investments in hardware, software, or getting up and running. It’s low risk because you pay as you go—and as you grow, the application grows with you. Most importantly you don’t have to invest in security because your data is protected by the same security trusted by some of the world’s largest and most security-conscious organizations. (SFDC) is a suite of CRM products that work together to make today’s corporations function more efficiently and profitably.

Salesforce makes revolutionary business applications, served from the cloud, designed to help you generate leads, get new customers, close deals faster, and sell, service, and market smarter. It all adds up to growth, and possibly the need for more office space.

In other words, CRM is an approach to manage company’s interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service and technical support.

  1. Sales Cloud : Sell smarter and faster
  2. Service Cloud : Support every customer, anytime , anywhere
  3. Marketing Cloud : Customers marketing journey
  4. Community Cloud : Remaining customer, partner and employee engagement
  5. Analytics Cloud: Business analytics on any data, any device
  6. App Cloud : Build apps fast, build business faster
  7. IOT Cloud: Rethink the Internet of things

Why Sales force?

  • Stay upgraded with Chatter
  • Integrate with email applications
  • Integrate with Google Apps
  • Go mobile: You can take it with you
  • Set up reminders
  • Help people find you
  • Email templates
  • Lead assignment & auto-response emails
  • Twitter-to-lead
  • WordPress-to-lead
  • Create reports, real-time dashboards and analysis
  • Advanced Capabilities—No Software Needed
  • Marketing Automation
  • Secure, Scalable Online Infrastructure
  • Advanced Tools for Large-Scale Deployment

How we help?

At Pratham Software (PSI) we offer cloud-based solutions comprising Consulting, Implementation, and Training & Development. From configuration and customization of all products to building applications on the Salesforce platform or Mobile Applications, we can do nearly everything for you.

We deliver expert assistance across a broad spectrum of domains namely, Configuration and customization, Application development for Salesforce and Mobile, APEX development, VisualForce, Territory Management, Customizable forecasting, multiple currency management, Entitlement management, Communities, Data Migration and Integration.

Our expert team comprises:

  • Functional and data integration expert with SAP, Oracle, MSSQL, Workday, Big data, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge of cloud technologies like Salesforce, AWS and Azure
  • Expertise in APEX, Sites, Visualforce, Mobility, Territory-management, Customizable forecasting, multiple currency management, Entitlement management, Communities, etc.
  • As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, strict adherence to compliance and quality are observed in every process
  • Cost effective solution with business development as we understand your business values
  • Extensive use of Agile methodology
  • Excellent track record of delivering projects on time

Salesforce Offerings:

  • Salesforce Consulting: Providing technological and business consulting to our valued stakeholders from the inception of the requirement till the final delivery and thereafter support and maintenance
  • Development / Implementation: Our expert Salesforce team provides Implementation services for successfully delivery and rollout of Salesforce platform
  • Data Migration: Data migration from legacy systems / CRMs to Salesforce
  • Production and Support: We provide customized application support


Weighing the Length & Breadth of our experience

At Pratham Software (PSI), our experience and expertise go hand in hand for various projects across sectors. We bring about 17+ years of expertise in Microsoft and Java technologies translating to over 2000 man years of off-shore experience. The experience encompasses work with various clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

Knowledge acquisition is a way of life with our teams. We believe in upgrading our capabilities with trending technologies and methods. Over the years, our teams have collaborated with clients across sectors namely, Healthcare, Banking, BPO, Consulting, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate. We are in an ongoing journey to understand their desired outcome and bring the concept into reality.

Our Spectrum of experience

Crossing Boundaries. Cutting-edge Technologies. Operating across Sectors.

Our teams have worked on various projects across sectors and technologies. Over the years, we have worked and gained experience across various industry types. It has further empowered us to not only develop expertise but also innovate and pioneer.

Our Work…Our Domain…


Our team has helped USA’s renowned healthcare solution provider double its product portfolio. We aligned with the Client’s product strategy, exceeding the need for ease of use, speed, automation, and reporting in its suite of software products for the Healthcare industry. Besides, we provided maintenance and support services for the client’s existing web-based applications which encompassed feature enhancements, modifications, and 24*7 online support. Moreover, Pratham Software (PSI) team also built many new applications for the client. We have helped the client in almost doubling its product portfolio in a span of 4 years. Today, the client is equipped with more than twenty high-performance standalone solutions in the Healthcare industry itself.


We have worked with one of UK’s renowned IT solutions provider to build an efficient online computer booking system that enforces students to take responsibility for their study time and also possession of their student cards. This has enabled the client to access management for the Education sector. The solution streamlines the library or learning resource center with complete automation in a paperless manner. The product is also cross-device compatible. This allowed users to view computer availability and make online reservations with different device options and created a self-service environment with drastic reductions in required support staff. In addition, we identified a need to monitor the use of the machines and to be able to produce fairly sophisticated reports on their use by the various student groups.

Oil and Gas

Our team of experts has worked with one of North America’s leading Oil and Gas Companies to align and manage their production and help them streamline their need for a stable on-site partner. The solutions developed and deployed have helped the client attain better grip over their Well Management System. Once deployed the system has yielded better than expected results in managing the core areas of the clients need, this as lead the team to garner core efficiencies in the Oil and Gas Well management industry and thus an SME status in helping the sector solve its bottlenecks.

Consulting and HR

We collaborated with a leading management consulting firm in creating a world-class Marketing Analytics tool for the CMOs. The Tool uses multiple parameters to provide transparency on past and future value creation at a specific level such as a particular category/country combination. These levels are based on management’s plans, company financials, and market data. The Tool enables CMOs to make trade-offs on where to invest, helping them bring the principles of value-based management to the level of operational management. This aligns the whole company—from the top to individual operating units— for value creation.

The team has partnered with Australia’s largest privately owned Payroll services outsourcing company to add a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) module to its existing product. We helped the client to move from Microsoft .NET to the latest and advanced technologies like MVC and responsive web approaches. Our experts developed the EquipHR product in latest technology that truly created a collaborative work environment for the client.

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