Weighing the Length & Breadth of our experience

At Pratham Software (PSI), our experience and expertise go hand in hand for various projects across sectors. We bring about 16+ years of expertise in Microsoft and Java technologies translating to over 2000 man years of off-shore experience. The experience encompasses work with various clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

Knowledge acquisition is a way of life with our teams. We believe in upgrading our capabilities with trending technologies and methods. Over the years, our teams have collaborated with clients across sectors namely, Healthcare, Banking, BPO, Consulting, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media, Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate. We are in an ongoing journey to understand their desired outcome and bring the concept into reality.

Our Spectrum of experience

Crossing Boundaries. Cutting-edge Technologies. Operating across Sectors.

Our teams have worked on various projects across sectors and technologies. Over the years, we have worked and gained experience across various industry types. It has further empowered us to not only develop expertise but also innovate and pioneer.

Our Work…Our Domain…

HR & Consulting

We collaborated with a leading management consulting firm in creating a world class Marketing Analytics tool for the CMOs. The Tool uses multiple parameters to provide transparency on past and future value creation at a specific level such as a particular category/country combination. These levels are based on management’s plans, company financials, and market data. The Tool enables CMOs to make trade-offs on where to invest, helping them bring the principles of value-based management to the level of operational management. This aligns the whole company—from the top to individual operating units— for value creation.

The team has partnered with Australia’s largest privately owned Payroll services outsourcing company to add a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) module to its existing product. We helped the client to move from Microsoft .NET 3 to the latest and more advanced technologies like MVC and responsive web approaches. Our experts developed the EquipHR product in latest technology that truly created a collaborative work environment for the client.

Gems & Jewelry

We have created a comprehensive jewelry inventory and logistics management system that includes all the functions of a manufacturing firm. All the features are user-friendly and are easily understood by both owners and staff, making a seamless transition to the software. They also wanted the application to provide currency wise rates to facilitate their overseas transactions. This application takes advantage of the rapidly evolving technology and has transformed vendor engagement for the firm.


We have worked with various customers across industry domains to deliver Enterprise Application Development & Management solutions. We collaborated with a leading player in the global Acoustics industry enhance features on their CRM platform and deliver desired utilities for the call center agents. We have extensive experience of  call center implementation as well as complex integration between various applications.

The team worked with a prominent player in the Banking and Finance sector, where they needed an ACD cum IVR to integrate with their Lucent Definity switch. We work with ISVs, OEMs, Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and Enterprises with robust solutions to enable them to effectively serve their end users.

As part of Pratham Software (PSI)’s product engineering services, we offer solutions across the entire spectrum of the product lifecycle, right from conceptualizing the product, designing and development, testing, deployment and sustenance. We enable you to offer customized solutions to your end users across geographies and target groups relevant for cohesive business growth.


We have worked with one of UK’s renowned IT solutions provider to build an efficient online computer booking system that enforces students to take responsibility for their study time and also possession of their student cards. This has enabled the client to access management for the Education sector. The solution streamlines the library or learning resource center with complete automation in a paperless manner. The product is also cross-device compatible. This allowed users to view computer availability and make online reservations with different device options and created a self-service environment with drastic reductions in required support staff. In addition, we identified a need to monitor the use of the machines and to be able to produce fairly sophisticated reports on their use by the various student groups.


Our team has helped USA’s renowned healthcare solution provider double its product portfolio. We aligned with the Client’s product strategy, exceeding the need for ease of use, speed, automation, and reporting in its suite of software products for the Healthcare industry. Besides, we provided maintenance and support services for the client’s existing web based applications which encompassed feature enhancements, modifications, and 24*7 online support. Moreover, Pratham Software (PSI) team also built many new applications for the client. We have helped the client in almost doubling its product portfolio in a span of 4 years. Today, the client is equipped with more than twenty high-performance standalone solutions in the Healthcare industry itself.

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