We cross bottlenecks and get your processes rolling in a seamless motion with our Business Process Management services. PSI’s BPM team collaborates with you to set the mechanism in place. We unlock your business processes and automate your business operations.

  • Beat inefficiencies in processes, further define them, automate them.

  • ...recommend you on effective options and add value to your business objectives.

  • ...eliminate application redundancies, provide business value and enhance the IT system’s performance.

There is a growing need for organizations to model their business processes, automate them and implement a method to constantly enhance them. It brings agility and innovation in their business processes and gives them more competitive edge. Finally provide business managers clarity to monitor and analyze the operations for efficiency.

BPM @ Pratham Software (PSI)

In line with our objective to be an end-to-end BPM solution provider, we have developed extensive expertise across processes, namely, BPM program development, product implementation, integration, support and maintenance services using SBM (Savvion Business Manager) suite of applications.

On the technology front we have capabilities to work on both licensed products, namely, Savvion and IBM BPM; and open source platforms namely Activiti. We customize our offerings by the requirements and cost-effectiveness.

Savvion’s BPM product SBM (Savvion Business Manager) is a global brand in BPM pure play vendors and has served more than 200 global business enterprises, public service agencies, systems integration firms, including 20 of the Fortune 2000, who have implemented Savvion systems to manage their business. We bring complete experience in SBM (Savvion Business Manager) implementation with topnotch blue chip MNCs and Fortune 500 clients providing Customization, Implementation, Business Process Production, Deployment and Support & Maintenance service.

We offer:

Business Process Discovery: Our team of experts work with you to define, map and analyze your organization’s existing business processes. It provides a baseline for process improvements and identifies key problem areas to be addressed by BPM, which eliminates mere guesswork.

Business Process Consulting: We play a crucial role in strategizing the roadmap for delivering Change Management solutions. Our endeavor is to make your business grow with operational efficiency, business visibility, excellent customer experience, and agility giving the enterprise an edge over the competition.

Business Process Implementation: Our team focuses on the objectives and critical success factors of the individual business segments to devise an efficient process with relevance to the overriding business objectives. In the process, we leverage extensive SBM (Savvion Business Manager) experience with strategic and tactical methodologies ensuring success.

Business Process Automation:We analyze and identify opportunities to automate some of the key processes using BPM platforms. This will ensure that the business processes are seamlessly implemented and integrated within your organization. Process Automation using BPM will help you measure performance easily and when the business demands. This enables you to respond to changing business conditions and enables you to have a better control and insight.

Business Process Re-engineering:With this we help organizations to fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to radically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors. While the business goal and strategy changes very dynamically in today’s competitive world, we enable you to identify bottlenecks in the current system, upgrade technology and need to re-engineer the complete set of processes used in current environment. This will help management to realign there goal backed by latest technology implementation.

Business Process Migration: Pratham Software (PSI) has the best in the industry experience of upgrading and migrating current set of processes in you BPM world. We provide end-to-end support ranging from identification of proposed solutions, till the actual implementation.

Process Testing (System, Integration & Performance):Testing of BPM solutions need a different set of approach and Pratham Software (PSI) has the team of best testing engineers in the industry and is equipped with latest testing tools. We serve complete testing needs along with reports and documentations. This helps organizations to implement the processes with error free tag.

Business Process Health check:Our experts review, analyze and evaluate current systems and provide recommendations for performance improvements , design changes, Application and hardware/software related configuration tuning, SQL optimization, DB tuning.

Production Support & Maintenance services:Pratham Software (PSI) team has invaluable onsite trouble shooting and experience on SBM suite of applications. Our application management, maintenance and support processes ensure that your systems are flexible to meet varying demands of your business, and provide measurable improvements to maximize your IT investments.

Pratham Software (PSI) Hybrid Support Model:

Business Process Management - PSI Hybrid Support Model

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