Content Engineering

With innovative and resourceful team of Visualizers, Designers and Developers with international exposure; we Transform the way you communicate; Enhance the impact of your content and Communicate effectively.
  • Expertise in Rich Media applications, develop engaging multimedia content.

With enormous flow of information and data across various online platforms, it becomes indispensable to streamline your content over the relevant virtual platforms embedding the required features and seek optimum mileage. This requires tremendous understanding and grasp over the trending technology.

At Pratham Software (PSI), our Multimedia team was conceptualized and formed with the vision to provide best suited solution to our customers. The solutions customized and provided are based on Adobe and other Multimedia technologies.

With expertise in Rich Media applications, we develop engaging multimedia content like, advertisements and integrate it with social media. We develop e-learning solutions and product demos using Flash technology. Our team has delivered over 5000 custom rich media advertisements with robust quality and review processes in place.

We bring about synergy and strategic utilization of Adobe technology platform with:

  • Extensive project experience on Adobe Flash and Flex technologies.
  • Upgrade the team members on Adobe cutting edge technologies.
  • Implement the best pattern and practices of architecture, design and development approaches.

Besides, we have versatile Rich Media Development experience with a strong emphasis on Actionscript 3.0 (OOP designs) with core expertise in application development using Flash & Flex, Digital Video integration, Live Data bindings and scalable frameworks.

We have worked with acclaimed Animation studios and production studios. However, our work is not limited to rich media demos, kiosks, Creative templates, websites (html5 and CSS3, PHP, Javascript, MySQL), and extendible applications. We also hold expertise in 3D Modeling, Animation and Asset Production. With specific requirements we can develop High Polygon as well as Low Polygon 3D models for Games and Simulation Engines.

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