Telecom Software Services

Enabling technology transformation, faster time to market, enhanced user experience; with our holistic approach, we drive the proactive and reactive change for you to attain sustainable business growth and prioritize business requirements.
  • We have successfully delivered specialized and customized solutions to enable ISVs, CSPs, OEMs and Enterprises for the Next Gen.

Pratham Software (PSI) provides niche and focused expertise in the Telecommunications domain. We deliver on challenging projects to deliver potent solutions converging Internet and Telecommunications market segments. With our customized applications and expert assistance, we enable businesses to take the ‘big leap’.

Our experts have been proponents of innovative ventures across communication technologies and have been successful in delivering specialized and tailored solutions to enable organizations and communication service providers for the next generation.

How we help

We have a CRM Consulting team with experience in CTI, Wireless, CRM, EAI, Security and Web. We hold capabilities in Strategic Consulting, Application Deployment and integrations between various applications and equipment in call center environment.

We can partner with you right from defining your business objectives to consulting you on the right call center technology, IVR & CRM forms to connect and engage effectively with customers, agents, and monitoring call center key metrics.

As part of our logging solutions, we provide organizations with a resourceful voice logger capable of proactively monitoring, recording, Quality Audit purposes and archiving the interactions. The information collected can be inserted with date, time, duration and any other relevant information.

We have built all the features of an advanced call center provider, which includes, inbound, outbound, technical support, manage orders, and related services. Moreover, we customize our solutions to suit your requirements. Our solutions enable the users with flexibility to expand both vertically and horizontally. Importantly, it can be embedded within the legacy systems or modern Digital and IP systems.


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