DWH & Big Data

We make your data faster, smarter and relevant with our Agile DWH & Big Data solutions for organization operating across a wide range of industry domains.

  • We make your data faster, smarter and relevant.

  • ...we understand, develop, ensure & transform to simplify & optimize your processes.

Today DWH (Data Warehousing) is integral to consistent growth in any business environment. Operating your business without DWH is like navigating an unknown and ever changing landscape without a proper map. It is critical to obtain immediate access to relevant information and take action based on historical intelligence. This can be done through BI with DWH integrated solutions, which remain relevant, even during a downturn. The creation and management of DWH is the most critical part of the BI strategy.

DWH enables you to extract relevant patterns and apply it for business transformation and resulting growth. It places the required foundation for effective BI. DWH helps save time, provide historical intelligence and subsequently generate more ROI.

How we help

The challenge that most companies face these days is that there is too much data and little provision of its aggregation and analysis. In this context, Pratham Software (PSI) can simplify your processes and guide you with our technology and project management skills.

Our DWH team can help in assembling and organizing the data from difference sources into one destination. Our team is proficient in data warehousing, excel in various ETL (extract, transform and load) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools across multiplicity of data sources, diverse database platforms and operating systems in multi-lingual, multi-byte, multi-country implementations and rollouts.

We work closely with the customer’s Data Warehousing team and assist them to:

  • Understand business requirements and modeling systems pertaining to the situation at hand
  • Design, develop and implement database systems based on customer requirements.
  • Optimize database systems for performance efficiency which includes query optimization using execution plan and techniques, server configuration, etc.
  • Database Migration from legacy databases; transform the old processes into new and more efficient ones using contemporary tools and provide assistance & maintenance support.
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