White Papers

Leverage Product Analytics: Game Changer For Your Product’s Success

In this age of information, data is at the heart of every decision-making that shapes the  future of a business. Data analysis provides invaluable insights. These not only help companies improve their existing products, but also develop new products which are profitable and sustainable.

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment

Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment is a core component used by financial institutions & service providers to collect and present payments via the internet or telephone (IVR).  EBPP as a process that allows you to create, process and pay bills over the internet.

BPM and SOA Synergy and Strategy

Business Process Management (BPM) has consistently come up as a topic of debate amongst experts. While working on any Workflow Application that has BPM architecture, IT professionals struggle with questions like; how to support new business processes? How to adapt to changing conditions and improve execution competency? They desperately want to turn their technical capabilities into business agility.

Communication powers business, Twilio powers communication

Communication has revolutionized our lives and it is one domain in the global arena which transforms rapidly. The technology of communication brings about a rapid overhaul in the way we conduct our routine affairs. It calls for consistent change and upgrade.

Service Oriented Architecture

After the dotcom burst, the companies worldwide went on a cost cutting spree. Web services were presented as easy on integration and hence could be used to reduce the total cost of operation. Any one, using SOAP, considered himself/herself to be one of Web service implementers and a candidate for drumming up lower integration costs. Overselling the lower integration costs via Web service route lowered the strategic importance of adopting what is now known as service oriented architecture. Barring a few exceptions, notably an HBR case study1, Web services are still being seen as cost minimizes. This white paper however takes a divergent view.

Digital Video Broadcasting

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a set of standards for the digital transmission of video and audio streams, and also data transmission. It distributes data through variety of approaches such as satellite, cables, terrestrial television or terrestrial television handheld ,microwave etc.

Conditional Access System

All pay-media operators require a means for ensuring that payment is received in return for the program content they provide. The technical system that achieves this objective is called a Conditional-Access (CA) system.

The definition of Conditional Access is “access is based upon certain condition”. In terms of digital broadcasting, a user gets just what they have ordered for, no more any less. Under a Conditional Access System an authorized receiver can only decrypt the broadcast content.

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