About Us

At Pratham Software (PSI) our belief in people and their capabilities defines and overrides our approach towards every client and partner engagement.

Established in the year 2000, Pratham Software (PSI) is a global software solutions provider delivering across various segments such as OPD, BPM, AMD, ISV, Web & Multimedia, Testing, and Consulting Services. With offices in the USA, Canada, Germany and a development center in India, we serve a highly diverse customer base from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies across industry and technology domains.

  • Nurture strong quality culture and build mature processes, enabling us to consistently deliver robust solutions that effectively meet customer requirements.

  • ...technology, for us, is just a tool to enhance user experience. The solution always gets precedence to technology.

  • ...we firmly believe in going that extra mile for the customer. This attitude of service and a belief that the customer is always right is a part of our DNA.

Today we bring to our customers a delivery experience of 2000 + man years.

A strong quality culture and mature processes built over time, enable us to consistently deliver robust solutions that effectively meet customer requirements. With every project undertaken we endeavor to create a long relationship with our customer based on the tangible value delivered.

We nurture innovation.

Innovation is at the core of every task and engagement at Pratham Software (PSI). We have created an open culture of inclusive work ethic that spurs innovation and growth. It is people, interacting as a team, that create value. This belief is central to the Pratham Software (PSI) culture.

We enrich client experience.

Our extensive domain experience, capabilities and teamwork are all focused on only one thing – enriching the client experience. Technology, for us, is just a tool to enhance user experience. The solution always gets precedence to technology.

We work with the industry.

We participate actively across associations and trade bodies such as NASSCOM, DSCI and STPI. Besides, we also contribute to their various activities in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), software quality, manpower training, infrastructure development etc.

Pratham Software (PSI) is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. In the BPM space, we work with IBM as an IBM-BPM Lombardi Partner.

We are a responsible corporate citizen.

At Pratham Software (PSI), we believe that as a corporate citizen, we should do our bit towards helping the society.

Pratham Shiksha, a charitable organization based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India), promotes and supports basic education for the underprivileged through a school being run with the help of funds being contributed by Pratham Software (PSI) employees.

During the recent general elections to the Lok Sabha, Pratham Software (PSI) played a significant role in increasing the awareness for voting amongst the voters in Jaipur, India and was successful in helping an increase in voting percentage from the adopted area.

Pratham Software (PSI) “Ten” Commandments!

Pratham Software’s (PSI) values and ethics are effectively summarized in these commandments that all Prathamites follow.

  1. We will never hire as a favor. All hiring is purely on merit.
  2. We will hire only suitable people even if that means letting go of a business opportunity for the lack of the right candidate.
  3. We value talent. We are always looking for people with useful extra-ordinary skills because we strongly believe that talented people always create opportunities for themselves.
  4. We will never exploit any of our vendors and strive to keep all our payments current. In return, we expect highest quality and best prices.
  5. We have zero tolerance for any kind of corruption, theft or cheating – be it employees or vendors.
  6. We will keep Pratham Software (PSI) premises free from alcohol and smoking. We discourage our employees from both. Customers visiting our premises may smoke only in designated area.
  7. We will never engage in tax evasion of any kind.
  8. We will always sell our products and services ethically and only to those customers who need them. We will never oversell our services.
  9. We will work our utmost to ensure smooth relations with all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors & society. We make full efforts to ensure these relations continue to be smooth even in cases where a relationship ceases.
  10. We will never discriminate on the basis of sex, caste, creed and religion.
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