Management Systems

ISO 9001:2008

As an organization we are focused on developing overall procedural standards for every business function of the company wherein involving all our people and customers to provide effective and quality software development services.

Guided under ISO quality system, our comprehensive evaluation & monitoring system addresses several important aspects and helps our customers in the following ways:

  • Develop and practice international quality management and quality assurance standards
  • Documentation of quality management systems, software development process and methodologies
  • Effective delivery and exchange of IT services with focus on total customer satisfaction
  • Monitoring and analysis of project management activities to preempt any deviations, bugs and delays
  • Continual analysis and monitoring of IT services so that they are designed, delivered and maintained in accordance with customer specific requirements. This approach results in as input to improve our engineering practices

Quality Policy


Our quality management system (QMS) has evolved with robust practice of ISO standards at all functional levels in last 8 years, this has specifically improved based on our experience and continual customer feedback in our engineering practices.

Our QMS is well documented, followed and implemented as per the guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our Quality policy is defined as under:

“Pratham Software (PSI) is committed to timely deliver software solutions and services that fully meet the customer requirements and exceed customer expectations by developing a proactive, process oriented, continuously improving organization where quality is reflected in everything that is done.”

ISO 27001:2013


Pratham Software (PSI) is ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation. ISO 27001:2013 is a stringent certification for information security controls and guarantees that controls and other forms of risk treatments are in place to prevent and defend against potential information security vulnerabilities.

Information Security Policy


The achievement of the ISO 27001:2013 certification required the application of 114 different controls across 14 categories with the goal of providing a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, and maintaining a robust Information Security Management System

Pratham’s Information Security policy is defined as under:

“Pratham Software (PSI) is committed to maintain and protect all the information in use or stored according to its value, sensitivity and the risks to which it is exposed at the same time, complying with all the legal, regulatory and customer contractual requirements. This applies to all the information, whether in soft copy or hard copy”.

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