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Salesforce Implementation

Catering to the customers is the holy grail of every company that deals with clients, and Salesforce implementation service can be the catalyst to your business. While it is important to consider salesforce implementation services for your company, finding a company that will offer you a seamless Salesforce integration is also a major concern

Salesforce implementation comes with numerous benefits that include speeding up your workforces’ productivity and enhancing customer collaboration satisfaction.  

We, at Pratham Software understand that every business is different and requires a different approach. Thus, we make sure that our salesforce solutions fit well with your business requirementsMoreover, our vetted team of Salesforce professionals support small and large enterprises alike to help them achieve better profits and sustainable business growth through the proper use of Salesforce solution.

Salesforce development services through Pratham Software comes with easy implementation along with simplified, step-by-step guidance of Salesforce. We aim to eliminate the complexities, offer a pocket-friendly service, and bring down the risks in CRM solution implementation.

To providrobust salesforce implementation support to our business client, we follow a strategic 6-step approach of Salesforce implementation, which includes:

  1. Considering implementation strategies
  2. Choosing the best sequence of implementation stages
  3. Planning the implementation process
  4. Planning time and budget
  5. Thinking over risks
  6. Ensuring user adoption

Let’s explore them in detail.  

Key steps to smooth Salesforce Implementation Services

An excellent Salesforce implementation support is the basic requirement of a successful Salesforce-driven business. Here are a few steps that we undertake to offer you a well-planned salesforce development service.

1. Considering Implementation Strategies


Before the Salesforce implementation, our team of consultants chalk out the best possible implementation strategies according to your business needs and targets. Along with defining the Salesforce-supported goals, we also plan the required customizations and interactions with your business objectives. We keep in mind all the implementation strategies and define a timeframe under which our developers complete the process. 

2. Choosing the best sequence of implementation stages


After considering the implementation strategies, it is now time to choose the best sequence of implementation. Before starting with the Salesforce implementation process, the experts at Pratham Software devise the best sequence of implementation stages and develop a solution that fits your business strategies well.  

And what’s more is, having a well-planned protocol of implementation stages helps us deliver an optimal implementation.

Salesforce Implementation Services

3. Planning the Implementation Process


Our Salesforce implementation project manager will guide the project to successful completion and will communicate effectively with the rest of the organization to chalk out an ideal implementation process.   

The sequence of steps in a Salesforce implementation plan may differ depending on the project’s scope and approach to implementation, but typically it includes the following phases.

  • Consulting

At the consulting stage, we analyze your business needs in-depth and define your business objectives that a Salesforce solution should cover. The consultation may include increasing your team members’ productivity, eliminating the long sales cycles, or bringing together all the customers at once place.  

  • Data migration from former CRM or other systems  

We understand the importance of data for you. Thus, we ensure a smooth and seamless data migration to the new Salesforce solution. We eliminate the possibilities of data loss, downtimes, or any issue that could and impact your business processes.

  • Customization, integration, and salesforce custom app development 

We offer tailor-fit Salesforce solutions by understanding the business complexity and the level of modification required. We can also configure the default features of Salesforce with point-and-click tools depending upon your business.

  • Testing

Our experts make sure that no solutions are rolled out before testing. The solutions are rigorously tested through our manual and automation testing experts before being deployed.

  • Deployment

Once the Salesforce development process is complete, the solutions are deployed in your business. We also keep a check on the functionalities and working of the solutions after a smooth Salesforce implementation service.

  • User Training  

We provide complete Salesforce training to your team members to help them adapt to these dynamic solutions so that they can use the Salesforce-based solution software to their full capability to enhance their productivity further.

  • After-Launch Support

We provide extended post-launch support for a set period at the beginning of the Salesforce usage that includes tuning features and increasing user adoption. 

4. Planning Your Time and Budget


How long does Salesforce implementation take?  

Before defining the time of completion, it is important to note that the whole process of Salesforce implementation depends on multiple factors. The professionals at Pratham Software take minimum time for the basic implementation but the further development services depend upon the user needs and the customizations.  

A comprehensive cost of Salesforce implementation depends upon numerous factors that come along the way of development. The basic cost can be altered according to the: 

  • The cost of consulting  

The first and foremost is the cost of a consultation with the Salesforce development experts, as they will study your business and come up with an implementation plan.  

  • The range of needed products and their editions  

Adding or removing the products needed while the Salesforce development and implementation.  

  • The number of potential Salesforce users  

The number of Salesforce users in your organization or the number of people having access to the software.  

  • The cost of data migration  

It includes the cost of migrating your data from legacy systems to the Salesforce or Salesforce cloud.  

  • Customization costs  

Customizing and configuring the Salesforce solutions according to your business needs.  

  • The cost of integration  

The cost of seamlessly integrating the Salesforce solutions into your business.  

  • The cost of user training  

It involves the cost of complete training of the team members of your organization.  

  • The cost of after-launch support  

The cost for the post-launch support and maintenance can vary depending upon your business needs.  

Hire Salesforce Developers

5. Considering Implementation Risks


The post-Salesforce implementation plan should not just be about the technology or the people associated with it. It is also crucial to analyze the implementation risks related to the business.  

  • Features irrelevant to your business needs  

We keep an eye on the irrelevant features incorporated along with the Salesforce development services and are not beneficial for the business. If we find any such feature, we remove the program immediately to offer a better usage of the salesforce solutions.  

  • A solution inconvenient for users  

A Salesforce solution caters to the challenges faced by your users. Thus, we make sure that Salesforce solutions are as convenient for the users as your business. 

  • A lengthy implementation project with benefits obtained too late  

Any such Salesforce solutions that take a long time for implementation or deployment should be immediately flagged as you will not yield its benefits within a stipulated time frame. The same will hurt your ROI.  

6. Ensuring User Adoption


The end-users of the CRM are the ones who will ultimately define the success of a Salesforce implementation. We take care of hassle-free user adoption of the Salesforce service by offering them proper training.  

  • The availability of day-to-day Salesforce help  

Talk to the Salesforce experts if you face any issues, and our experts will be right there to help with your day-to-day activities.  

  • Rewards for the best adopters  

We also come with rewards for the best learners and adapters to make the learning process more enjoyable.  

Pratham Software as your Salesforce Implementation Partner  

Salesforce development services are vital to your business growth, but so is choosing the right development partner.   

With the team of highly skilled team of IT professionals, Pratham Software offers an array of Salesforce implementation services under one roof. We have helped the organizations evolve through ideal Salesforce solutions that have helped them stand tall among their vast customer base.  

We take pride in being one of the finest Salesforce service providers and have delivered numerous successful Salesforce solutions across multiple business verticals.  

No matter how precise your requirements are, we at Pratham Software will help transform your business while automating complex business processes.  

Get in touch with us today and make way for a better business. 

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