Pratham Software (PSI)’s expertise in the field of corporate Fintech comes through a rich market experience of providing our global financial clients with best in industry talent pool in technology solutions and IT services.

Modern Fintech is undergoing a rapid transformation, funded by various digital channels that act as primary modes of interaction among global financial institutions. Present-day customers pressingly demand continuous service engagement and enhanced user experience, which has forced the global service providers to incorporate improved and quality models into their workflow.

Traditional financial institutions are facing stiff competition from new innovative players who offer enhanced payment platforms and alternatives for secure and efficient financial transactions.

At PSI, we have developed effective solutions that encompass fundamental financial domains like core monetary banking, smart cards, and secure payments, risk management and compliance, thus forging success stories worldwide. Our focus to continuously foray into new businesses with well-formed strategies and market-centric solutions let us deliver according to the customer requirements within outlined resources and timeline.