Pratham Software (PSI) has been collaborating with leading production intelligence developers and expert process engineers in the oil & gas industry to deliver industry-focused solutions with remarkable potential.

These solutions have majorly helped our customers to streamline their business processes, iron out inefficiencies and increase their overall business potential and market value.

Exploration and production

Today’s overgrowing modernisation and demand for efficient energy resources have left leading energy suppliers with no other alternative but to explore newer energy resources and areas. Leading global organisations are in need of efficient technology vendors who can supply required modern Exploration and Production (E&P) technologies.

PSI’s domain capabilities and experience help us provide end-to-end IT solutions to our customers across the entire E&P value chain. At PSI, we follow a purely data-intensive approach with an emphasis on E&P data management and field-specific functional challenges.

Logistics and trading

In a modern Logistics and trade vertical, all the operational efficiencies and engineering excellence get attenuated if the price volatility and operational risks are not managed effectively. Supplies, trades, transmission and risk management are the essential work areas in the Oil and gas industry which need proper management. Besides, the industry encounters functional challenges like managing the supply chain and huge inventories, credit management in variable business domains, stringent financial and regulatory compliance. If these areas are not managed, they can create a serious bottleneck in the work process.

PSI is capable of delivering solutions for Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) and management of all the bottlenecks in the work processes.