At PSI, we credit our distinctive Quality, Innovation, Creativity, and Teamwork as few of our building blocks that paved our way to excellence in the field of IT and development. We believe that our business associates, both employees and clients, make it as our driving force and empower us to attain our core values and organizational goals. We have an incredible group of young innovators and many yet to be discovered that will be helping us deliver excellence to our customers.

We believe in promoting leadership and innovation in our employees to reap benefits at every level of project development and work process. At Pratham Software, we engage in a culture that puts people in the lead. Our primal strength is our people, processes, productivity and quality that comes from our dynamically structured system for training & skill enhancement for our employees.

When you join Pratham, you’ll discover it’s not just the work that’s diverse. You’ll team up with a mix of brilliant minds from different backgrounds and cultures, working in unison to attain highest levels of corporate excellence.