A company that you’ll love being part of as a customer or an employee! As a team, we firmly believe in going that extra mile for our customers, with a clear motive of upholding the highest level of work excellence. We are committed to attract and retain the very best of the merit. Our talent strategy reflects our mettle to hire the best candidates from the available talent pool so that we can efficiently deliver to the needs of our expanding work domains and customer base.

Our great people who truly excel in their fields have; a ‘can do’ attitude, aptitude and ambition, towards the probable best.

Going beyond recognition

We profoundly value the hard work and dedication of our people and laud our top performers with timely rewards on our company events held twice in a year. Our core values strongly encourage inclusiveness, persistence, and joy of being a part of one big family, where we can celebrate success and also strive to learn from our mistakes, all under one roof.

Opportunity to grow

The work culture at Pratham Software (PSI) has always been duly encouraging and enriching for everyone in our workforce. We promote an environment where daily work challenges turn out to be enjoyable & rewarding, along with an emphasis on work ethics and professionalism.

We firmly believe our exceptional growth as a brand is by virtue of our employees’ growth, facilitated by our in-house mentoring, training, mobility and creative freedom that is provided to all our employees across various domains. We encourage professional development through our well-defined growth programs. Our mentors persistently work one-on-one with their mentees over an actionable plan to achieve personal and professional goals.

Work-Life balance

We believe that happy well-being largely reflects in the work efficiency on an employee, and maintaining an optimum balance between the two is among our top priorities on a day-to-day basis. We want our employees to feel worthy and important so that they can put their best foot forward, at both professional and personal fronts. We ensure all our Prathamites stay strong on both physical and psychological grounds, over and above work hours.

We nurture Innovation

Energy, passion, integrity, and creative ideas put together into a master blend that powers our dynamic work construct and competency in today’s highly competitive world of emerging technologies. As an employer, we always look for original thinkers, innovators and challengers to captain the fast-changing status quo.

The ones who willingly seek to achieve long-term objectives rather than a regular paycheck; the ones who favour skills over degrees and mission-critical assignments more than high-profile brand names- Pratham is the place for you. If you’re ready to re-imagine the world with us and deliver unparalleled impact for clients, industries, and the communities, we operate in – Join us.

Equal opportunity

We take absolute pride in being an ‘equal opportunity’ employer that denies workplace discrimination on the basis of race, caste, religion, colour, ancestry, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnicity or disability.

Our employee policies and practices are well-administered in a way that ensures all work-related decisions like promotion, compensation or any other form of reward and recognition are fair, transparent and entirely merit-based.

PSI, as an employer, is committed to providing an environment that is conducive in efficiently carrying out the organisation’s mission. For our highly valued employees, we strive to administer our policies as well as our benefit and compensation programs, in a manner that is competitive, fair, and understandable.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to our compassionate learning culture; we welcome you to the world of Pratham Software (PSI).