• 1
    We will never hire as a favor – all hiring is purely on merit.
  • 2
    We will hire only suitable people even if that means letting go of a business opportunity for the lack of the right candidate.
  • 3
    We value talent. We are always looking for people with useful extra-ordinary skills because we strongly believe that the talented people always create opportunities for themselves.
  • 4
    We will never exploit any of our vendors and strive to keep all our payments current. In return, we expect highest quality and best prices.
  • 5
    We have zero tolerance for any kind of corruption, theft or cheating – be it employees or vendors.
  • 6
    We will keep PSI premises free from alcohol and smoking. We discourage our employees from both. Foreign customers may smoke only in designated area.
  • 7
    We will never engage in tax evasion of any kind.
  • 8
    We will always sell our products and services ethically and only to those customers who need them. We will never oversell our services.
  • 9
    We will work our utmost to ensure smooth relations with all our stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors & society. We make full efforts to ensure these relations continue to be smooth even in cases where a relationship ceases.
  • 10
    We will never discriminate on the basis of sex, caste, creed and religion.