• 1
    We can grow, if our client grows. We act as one team and aim to help our clients grow #SucceedTogether
  • 2
    Get into client shoes. Know your client’s industry, business, goals, culture & competitors #KnowYourClient
  • 3
    Act as SME, not just a code developer. Understand client’s needs and bring new ideas and solutions #ExpandThinking
  • 4
    Every person thinks differently. Understand & Set expectation to Meet & Exceed Expectation #ExceedExpectation
  • 5
    Over-communicate in case of doubt. Communication is critical across all roles & it eliminates ambiguity #ConstantlyCommunicate
  • 6
    Always be honest with client. Transparency in sharing of facts helps in building trust in your work & process behind it #TrustedPartner
  • 7
    Have no fear in asking questions. If you don’t ask, client presume you know it all #AskQuestion
  • 8
    Don’t say “Yes”, when answer is “No”. Say “No” if it can’t be achieved, and provide rationale & next best solution #DeliverRight
  • 9
    Always validate your assumptions. Reaffirm the communication in your own words to ensure you understood #AlignAssumptions
  • 10
    In absence of substantial work, or aren’t busy, be open to convey this to your manager as well as to client #ConstantlyLearn