Co-Partnering to build solutions for the future

Pratham Software (PSI) has always been a brand synonymous with unparalleled field competence and efficient product deliveries. As a reputed IT organization, we aim at investing our resources and skillset into a “co-partnering development” environment to derive better technological outcomes. Our workforce comprises of highly passionate, skillful developers with an unending appetite for self-betterment and work proficiency. An elaborate field knowledge and experience of more than two decades helps us in conducting scaled up IT projects within desired time and financial constraints. Pratham Software™’s implementation processes are driven by ISO (ISO 9001-2015, ISO/IEC 27001:2013) (QMS & ISMS), which reflect in our global deliveries for client base ranging from Fortune 1000 to Micro ISV’s around the globe. Our average client retention ratio mounts up to 4.5 years of strong partnership, which is a result of rich flexibility & agility at major operational levels.

Our emphasis on building corporate relationships based on mutual trust and respect helps us achieve organizational goals and desired outcomes. PSIs highly competent teams engross themselves in client’s project to deliver well-timed outcomes without exceeding financial resources.

  • Partnership led engagement
    Partnership led engagement

    Over the years, PSI has been instrumental in developing strategic partnerships with customers across the world. This foundation has helped us predominantly apply more ‘bespoke solutions’ to our product development approach.

  • Agility, Flexibility and Speed
    Agility, flexibility and speed

    The organizational agility is a combination of flexibility and speed that enables us to boost our response time with changing market dynamics. Our clients trust us with our adaptive work processes focused to deliver expected outcomes and organizational goals.

  • Performance driven
    Performance driven

    We focus on achieving the true potential of our employees by developing and practicing performance-oriented processes that help quantify task issues and other critical aspects in the project development lifecycle.

  • Focus on Talent and Team building
    Focus on talent and team building

    At PSI, we appreciate every of our employee’s ideas, initiatives and innovation that can near us to deliver innovative tech solutions for our global client base. Our in-house policy of ‘Hire Hard, Manage Easy’ helps us to bring on board highly skilled resources that productively empower our various project teams and employees.

  • Rich product development experience
    Rich product development experience

    PSI has a rich tradition of developing new products for global customers across various industries and tech domains. We understand the dynamics and challenges involved in product development, and effectively use our field expertise, right through the development lifecycle, to deliver most productive solutions to our clients.

  • Certifications

    PSI is accredited to global industry standards, exhibiting our work commitment and high operating efficiency that ensure best quality work is delivered to our clients. Our international standard certifications increase client’s confidence in the organization, which later reflects in our customer retention rate and corporate relationships. .