Our differentiators

Global enterprises often have a large available pool of service providers and vendors to select a viable business resource for their outsourcing interest. While making a choice a company might aptly consider the physical aspects like size, location and expertise, but may struggle with factors implying the vendor’s suitability and reliability over specified work process and outsourcing practice.

Credible and trustworthy

Pratham Software (PSI) has been serving the industry for two glorious decades now, while still upholding the legacy of going an extra mile to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. We held our grounds even during the great recession and kept on delivering to our clients, which apparently says a lot about our credibility and trustworthiness.

Our in-depth technical expertise, strong client retention, and corporate relationships stand as our industry differentiators. Our consistent deliveries and work dedication have made our clients entrust us with an average engagement period of 5 years, letting us develop, maintain and handle back-end operations of their core business systems.

Why engage with us

  • Technical acumen and a zeal to understand client’s problem and employ a holistic approach to derive a solution.
  • Top Consulting companies in Fortune 100 list trust PSI as their technology partner.
  • Strong association with British major in Governance Risk and Compliance, as their dedicated technology partner for over 15 years.
  • From the time our establishment, Startups, ISV’s and top listed Fortune companies across industry verticals like finance, transportation, logistics, hospitality, gas, and energy, have
  • capitalized through our expertise to better manage their systems.
  • All our resources hold strong technical expertise and can consciously pick up tools or techniques to better serve client requirements and hit the ground running in minimum time. We
  • efficiently keep the client outlays minimum by boosting our team’s adaptability towards new skillsets and tools.
  • We actively come aboard with near shore partners and local associates to keep our global delivery model up and running.
  • Our active partners and agents across US, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, help uphold our local presence and elevate client trust in us.
  • Our strong engineering documentation, best QA practices and project visibility allows us to exercise better control over projects and effectively reduce TCO during the project lifecycle.
  • We are a certified ISO 9001 company with internal documentation systems and processes in place to ensure better control of projects.
  • We actively take on client’s preferred methodology, and carry out work in appropriate units for improved productivity and efficiency.