Active & New Cases

This dashboard portrays the movement of all active cases in India. It also becomes important to understand and know the daily active cases reported in India and the daily recovered cases. The below chart also depicts this.There are two key purposes for this chart –

  • Monitor whether recoveries are catching up with the new cases therefore, indicating when will we see a drop in active cases
  • Monitor whether we are getting fewer or more new cases every passing day – an indicator or the transmission continuing or coming under control

Growth Rate

The second wave’s daily active cases have now started to see a downward trend. The same has been observed since 21st April. One of the reasons behind the same is that Maharashtra and Chattisgarh which were reporting maximum cases have now started to report fewer cases, this shows that both these states are nearing their peak of this wave.

Top 20 cities view

This dashboard portrays all the above views for Top 20 cities (by active cases) across India. You can choose any of the cities to compare their active or daily cases as well as their growth trend across a chosen time line.

Vaccinated Population – state wise

This chart shows the current rate of vaccination in every state. India from the 1st May has started vaccinations for all its citizens who are 18+. A lot of states across the country have decided to vaccinate their residents for free.


Disclaimer: Percentage of the population is only an approximation and is meant to reflect the %age of vaccine dosages that need to be delivered with respect to the state’s population i.e. twice the population. Hover of a state to find out actual numbers of vaccines administered so far in the state.

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