Lean Startup is an ideal methodology that facilitates startups to better build and sell their products by evaluating continual market reviews and product feedback. The development cycle followed in LeanStartup is notably agile, concise and deterministic in nature to draw maximum productivity out of the product, by means of end-user feedback and insights.
Pratham Software (PSI) has been associated with multiple startups as their sole technology partner and mentored them over LeanStartup methodology to exercise its true potential for increased workplace productivity and market success.

At PSI, Lean Startup has been employed to efficiently capitalize on a hypothesis-driven business model that radically reaches optimum market productivity through regular event-based alterations.
We believe a complete dataset is rarely needed before proceeding; it just needs to be sufficient to make it to the market, where it is tried and tested for effective functionality. In case the client’s feedback is not as desired, the team can quickly make corrections to limit big losses and return back to developing the product as per the consumer needs.