Pratham Software (PSI)’s managed competency centers act as digital archives that constantly refine our expertise in project and program support. They serve as both knowledge repositories and resource pools to fund multifaceted business requirements, be it in custom tailored domain or enterprise product engineering. Our skill-fueled competency centers provide us with extensive edge in application development, acquired language skills, data and architecture management, along with application support & maintenance.

We offer a standardized work structure, developed exclusively to pool our IT skills and expertise for enterprise level transformation and upgrade.

Managed Competency Center


We provide our customers an efficient way to prosper via our low cost offshore resources and cross-group collaborations. Our competency center is a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated resources that work in collaboration with clients to reap better outcomes in long run. The teams extend their attained knowledge to impart high productivity all through the product development cycle.


Every resource constituting our competency center is selected through our ‘Hire-Hard, Manage-Easy’ protocol. The resources essentially go through a 90-day probation to get staffed according to the project requirement. We believe it’s crucial to get the right resource in the right spot than just placing random workforce on the development table.

Productivity stability

Our assorted client base has majorly benefitted by Pratham’s knowledge investment in an expansive competency center that later contributes for an amplified functional productivity and stability.

Investing our knowledge in a remote, lower cost team greatly increases our work quality and efficiency in project deliveries without forcing much on the budget card.


An efficient competency centre sports a dedicated R&D team, a managed services team, and a client facing maintenance group to actively manage project deployment for commercial grade software solutions.

PSI’s competency center typically house a highly proficient Quality Assurance Team (QA) that backs all other development practices. The QA group profoundly wades through all aspects of software development and in turn, helps and assists other involved groups with the development process.