QA check is an essential proactive test approach that ensures product quality never declines in the end-user world. QA substantially improves on product testing by allowing for in-depth functional assessment, thereby resulting in maximum agility and product efficiency with reduced shortcomings and delivery time.

Product development life cycle (PDLC) at Pratham Software (PSI) embraces a diligent phase of product testing and quality assurance for all the projects that our teams develop over a variegated industry domain. Quality Assurance methodologies adopted at PSI ensure seamless app performance and functionality in today’s fast-changing technology landscape.

Quality Assurance at PSI is an undertaking to ensure that we put in the best of our work potential and available resources to provide quality product and services to our clients. PSI focuses on constantly improving the work processes to deliver effective and efficient products, that match global quality standards of commercial-grade software applications.

Quality Assurance