Rishi Raj Kalla
Rishi is a Software Engineering Architect, Delivery Manager, and Business Automation expert with 14 years of experience in a wide range of roles delivering technology solutions and building, mentoring and growing software engineering teams. He believes in empowering teams to make their own decisions, whilst steering them in the right direction to build scalable, secure and robust solutions. He has successfully introduced customized systems and enhancements that substantially increased efficiency, manageability, flexibility, performance and bring in cost savings to businesses.

Webinar: Digital Reinvention By Business Automation

It is undoubtedly said that business automation and digitization play a huge role in today’s business and if done right, automated and digitized processes can bring a great source of competitive advantage. We are witnessing that even a pandemic situation couldn’t stop our industrialist to achieve excellence in their deliveries and most of them admits that this couldn’t have been possible without automating and digitizing their processes. How to automate and digitize your business so that it brings the most benefits to your company? And how to face and overcome the challenges that go with it?

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Ashu Sharma
An industry expert with experience of over 15 years, our speaker for the webinar is Ashu Sharma Apart from being a certified cloud expert, his many certifications include AWS Certified Solution Architect -Associate, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Rational Application Developer and SCJP 1.6.

Webinar: Cloud Migration Demystified

Cloud allows data once stored on on-premise servers, to be accessible from any internet-connected device. With WFH becoming the new norm, cloud migration is the next big solution; it is the need of the hour. Cloud allows your team to collaborate and share information all over the world!

As technology and the IT industry grow by leaps and bounds every year, it becomes vital to understand and implement the latest trends to stay in the race. Cloud migration, an industry expected to reach $9.5 billion by 2022, is a highly resourceful tool. From optimizing costs, scaling the business, and going green, cloud migration can serve business in more than just one way.

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