Foundation Day 2023

Our vision is to “Be the role model in building software & practices”.

This vision is not limited to just developing software, but anything we do. Celebration & Festivities of 23rd Foundation Day was on same line. One of the best event in town and could be the best Foundation Day celebration  in industry. Off-line event was back with great celebration attending by Prathamites and their families. Events was graced by presence of PSI customers, extended family of PSI.

6 hours gala event, completely produced, directed and participated by Prathamites. Event included culture events, commitment awards, performance awards, photo shoots, and big spread of food. It was Prathamites who performed at cultural events, be in classical performance, dance, signing, music, instruments, skits & plays, or fashion show. Event was not just 1 day, but over few days covering events like Hackathons, Corporate Shoot, Office Fun, Quiz, and many more things.

PSI is all about PEOPLE & VALUES. People or as we call Prathamites, known for many things – And Fun and Togetherness is one of the important attribute, and clearly visible at 23rd Foundation Day.