• Activiti: Activiti is a java-centric open-source BPMN engine that supports real-world process automation needs. Besides, Activiti Cloud is the new generation of business automation platform offering a set of cloud-native building blocks, which runs on distributed infrastructures.
  • Decisions is a leading BPM technology. It is deployed as the basis of multiple commercial applications in numerous fields, including finance, logistics, medical, and operations software. The technology is delivered either as a cloud service (SAAS) or can be managed inside your existing organisational infrastructure (on-site or EC2/Azure).
  • IBM BPM: BM® Business Process Manager is a full-featured business process management platform. Process owners and business owners can improve their business processes with its robust set of tools. It also offers a unified repository that makes the management of the business processes easy. The BPM also offers management of associated artefacts, tools for authors, administrators, and users, and a runtime platform.
  • Savvion: SAVVION BPM is another well-known business process solution that we use. With the help of Progress Savvion, organisations can manage business processes across the enterprise. It gives them the ability to create and optimise process-driven solutions along with managing daily work effectively without compromising its real-time visibility. Progress Savvion is capable of delivering a return on investment as high as 300% as reported by some customers.