Manage devices with a flexible device management solution

Pratham Software (PSI) works diligently on MDM solutions to provide effective solutions for the management of mobile devices and reduce the deployment time for the tools crucial to enterprises. The solutions allow control of devices through their entire lifecycle, including employee-owned devices.

The MDM solutions capabilities of PSI help in furthering ease-of-use for organizations while providing all aspects of mobile device management be it policy enforcement, configuration management, security establishment and enforcement, integrity maintenance, encryption in case of theft/loss of device, changes in application settings, monitoring the device usage, process updates and modifications. Basically, we design the approach through which cross-platform devices communicate with the centralized server so that after successful enrolment, the server gets full control over the management of devices.

Some of the key points in solutions approaches are

    • User friendly intuitive interface

    • Use of cloud servers when providing MDM as a service

    • Management of mobile devices without compromising the user experience, security and privacy

    • Support for all major platforms like Apple, Android, Windows and Symbian legacy

    • Use of reliable and latest open source technology stack

    • Secure access to business data by providing communication channel over secured Wi-Fi channels or VPN gateway