Mobile application testing has already become an obligatory aspect of today’s competitive mobile development industry. Enabling technologies like cloud computing, IoT, and AI have fostered the prolific involvement of mobile applications across major consumer areas, where customers go after efficient and seamless user experience. Enterprises essentially need to test their applications across various mobile devices and operating systems to deliver compatible and efficient mobile solutions to serve their digital customers across the globe.

Our team at PSI implements an end-to-end testing approach for mobile applications to ensure its competency over various load environments. The team carries out numerous tests on every individual application to ensure its functionality and performance competence across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, and environments.

We implement specific functionality checks to ensure that the application works flawlessly across different mobile devices. These tests ensure the application’s robustness in the user environment and serve as an assurance against critical failure.

  • Installation testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Battery Drain Testing
  • Memory testing
  • Interruption Testing
  • Carrier-Based Testing
  • GPS, Touch Testing
  • Connectivity testing
  • Broken links testing

Why PSI?

  • PSI QA team offers its mobile testing services across all verticals and industry types
  • We create and execute comprehensive test strategy upfront for optimized testing
  • We employ some of the industry’s best solutions and tools for accelerating testing
  • We test applications across an extended range of devices and global operators
  • We have expertise in every leading tool of the industry to efficiently perform functional testing, security testing, performance testing, and test automation
  • We also possess platform and device allied in-house test automation framework