Rapid Prototyping and MVP

At PSI, we follow a collaborative approach of partnering with ISV’s and small-scale enterprises to actively alleviate product marketing and performance risks, effectively decreasing the factor of ‘Time to Market’. Our teams closely work with our project partners to ensure risk-free product development and market delivery, by means of a comprehensive market analysis mapped over product TCQ and client-side requirements.

  • Prototyping

    Project development teams at PSI constantly modernize the technology stack and existing architectural services to routinely improve our field competency and expertise. Investing in the latest technological resources benefits us during the product development life cycle (PDLC), which happens in two phases. 1.) Improving the technology, tools and framework selection. 2.) Optimizing prototyping cycle. This lets us deliver maximum scalable solutions within the proposed deadline.

  • Design

    We at PSI understand how a good design involves a comprehensive application of domain know-how. Only what is hidden can be changed without risk. Salvaging designs through patterns produces faster implementation and enhanced maintenance. The output of design activity is a methodological plan or outline of a system that helps the developers build the system.

  • Beta testing

    Beta Testing methodology is leveraged to gain detailed insights regarding product design, functionality, and end-user performance before it debuts in the user market. Beta testing allows our development team to focus on fixing critical performance issues and bugs to certify product success in the end-user market. The test data later facilitates knowledge base to enrich future development projects at PSI.