Test automation framework design services

Automation testing substantially alleviates the testing team’s effort to a great extent as it uses a minimum set of scripts and automation frameworks. Besides, automation testing tools can check intrinsic design, logical tests, reports, and analyze test results through increased test coverage and execution.

Automation testing is a tactical move to ensure accuracy and reduced time to market. At Pratham, Automation testing is primarily implemented using active test automation frameworks developed and practiced by a committed team of automation engineers and testers. With consistent knowledge development, we have become a leader in providing exceptional support to our clients.

Benefits of PSI automation testing

  • Reduced time to test design: Significantly lesser time with pre-automated test scripts
  • Improved test execution productivity: less cycle time and enhanced test execution productivity, ensuring faster time to market
  • Rich UI based output reports with various level of details for different stakeholders
  • Improved decision making: Better visibility with all-inclusive test reporting allows for more accurate and SMART decisions.
  • Superior productivity: Process automation and suite integration in the development cycle for improving productivity
  • Integrate seamlessly into development pipeline using CI tools
  • Capability to Integrate third-party tools such as defects management, version management, etc.
  • On-cloud test execution with cloud-based interface.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs stemming from the reusability of frameworks across several applications