Digital transformation has led us to an era of data abundance, constantly threatened by security breaches that can cost organizations and SME’s on both monetary and reputational grounds.

Pratham Software (PSI)’s rich expertise in Security Testing for enterprise applications allows us to detect functional vulnerabilities in the application. This ensures a timely resolution of any loopholes for our client base across different industry verticals and global organizations. Our team offers end-to-end security testing services using wide-ranging industry tools like OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite, IRON Wasp, NMAP, SQL MAP, SQL Inject Me and XSS Me.


  • Experienced team in Security testing at various levels
  • Exposure to white-hat and Black-hat techniques to test client’s applications
  • Capable of aggressively attacking application defences to find loopholes and weaknesses
  • Exposure to new and performing tools in the security domain
  • Stand by best practices set forth by OWASP