SaaS Platform Engineering

With extensive experience on helping customers undertake the journey to transform their legacy products to Software-as-a-service platforms, we have acquired expertise in building and scaling out SaaS platforms in an agile and incremental manner.

Our practice includes

  • Business value driven delivery approach
  • Modernization roadmap with co-existence at core
  • Agile development using cloud native technologies & methods

In an era of persistent technological advancements and increased business opportunities, legacy enterprise solutions and business workflows may eventually fail to address modern market needs. Pratham Software (PSI) can help enterprises with an extensive refinement process for their existing work platform and product architecture to create an efficient and highly scalable business solution with productive and cognitive upgrades.

PSI’s distinctive, product-specific approach safeguards functional continuity for enterprise workflows and help businesses re-engineer their software to meet their current business goals and gain benefits such as:

  • Embrace technology innovations for enhanced work productivity and servicing
  • Gain scalability while guaranteeing peak performance with upgraded features
  • Deliver superior customer know-hows through UX transformation
  • Amplify portability by facilitating cloud and mobility initiatives
  • Enhance globalization outlook with the current business scope
  • Rectify operative problems with the current workflow
  • Achieve post-migration business goals
  • Stakeholders’ opinion about the advantages of platform upgrade

Our re-engineering practice safeguards migrating data and technology system by employing standard tool-based reverse and forward engineering. All these basics, if followed, ensure a smooth data transition process over the upgraded platform.

  • Architecture Consulting & Roadmap Definition
  • Code Restructuring & Refactoring
  • Re-documentation
  • Design Scalable Architecture
  • Product Enhancements
  • Cloud/SAAS & Mobility Enablement
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Porting and data migration
  • UX Modernization and Rebuilding