The New World Will Belong To Survivors

The New World Will Belong To Survivors

All these years we thought it would take a Nuclear War, Alien Attack or Asteroid Attack to shake the world. But it was a microorganism that we could not even see and became real Thanos of our world.

One SuperHero that refused to surrender to this Nano Thanos and emerged as one of the biggest support systems, is the technology. From Vegetables to Vaccinations, the software tools and IT kept the world going.

The World can be seen in 3 Timelines to retrospect and introspect, how well we have acquired the survival instincts?

Pre-COVID-19 Era

  • Majority of organizations either underestimated the need for digital transformation or had a lethargic pace to achieve it.
  • Many of those organizations followed old schools of software development or continued with the heritage software setups.
  • The concepts like software development outsourcing were ignored by many, and IT spending budgets were either unplanned or not optimized fully.
  • Some proactive businesses stood as pioneer of new survival instincts and embraced the technology shift to ensure growth for themselves and rich experiences for their customer base.

COVID-19 Era

  • eCommerce, Education technology, healthcare technology, OTT and gaming platforms along with secured financial tech platforms have come out as winners during this global trade armageddon .
  • Many businesses that thought Technology was luxury soon realized that it has become a necessity and now they are struggling to keep pace with the growing demand of their customers who want to be served digitally.
  • Many of those businesses saw unfortunate extinction just because of their ill preparations to be available online at the right time.
  • The remote and virtual work-from-home options, as well as outsourcing for software development, has been acknowledged not just as tools but pillars of global trade.
  • According to the survey of NTT, 45% of the respondents acknowledged outsourcing (now being reinvented as smart sourcing) as their growth action plan for the upcoming year

Post-COVID-19 Era

  • The learnings and realizations of pre-COVID era would drive businesses to adopt a brand new approach to IT infrastructure and software development.
  • One of those immediate approaches would be to invest in the latest software development methodologies to deliver processed and solutions faster.
  • Globally Businesses would be keen to invest in software platform and tools to offer their employees security and draw maximum productivity out of them.
  • Another major allocation of Organizational budgets would be to establish such software interfaces between Customers and Supply Chain Systems that are easy to use and can handle the dramatic increase in demand/users.

Expected Changes in Software Development Landscape Post COVID Era

  • Increased use of DevOps Methodology to bring agility and automation in delivery at every stage
  • Deploying Cloud Strategy to control IT operations costs and bring flexibility of usage.
  • Software Industries around Tele Medicines, Tele Health Consulting and Telepsychology will emerge as major focus of Global Industry.
  • Remote Working and Software Outsourcing will become standard business strategies to gain cost, time, productivity and flexibility benefits.
  • Open Source Development concepts will gain wider acceptability because of their cost and fast delivery benefits.
  • Friendly UI and Online Customer Support will become the backbone of Customer Experience and will be decisive in ensuring trade success.
  • Technology Decision Makers will have key decision areas around cloud storage, intelligent analytics, software support contracts and data protection.

Written By: 

Tushar Sabhani

Territory Head – Australia & NZ

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