Good design is a language, not a style. The goal of a designer is to make the invisible, visible.

The success of any product is not dependent on the technology used but how easily the users can use the product. A user-focused design helps connect with the users emotionally which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the product.

Pratham Software (PSI)’s user experience team consists of highly experienced team withhold over the different technologies and prevailing design patterns. They design and build awe-inspiring experiences.

What we do
  • End-to-end user experience design and user interface design
  • User experience consulting services
  • UX visioning/strategy

    User Experience strategy is about taking the information about the user & business then turning it into an approach for creating User Experience. Working with other sections of the business to achieve a common UX objective, so it could be i.e. working with BI team to capture and process usage statistics that feed into product design team decisions.

  • UX research

    User Experience Research is all about collecting quality data related to the end users which will help the team in taking the right decision on behalf of the users during the product/application design process. It is about identifying the users’ needs which they wants to achieve, pain points and understanding the contexts and situations in which the solution is going to be used by the users.

  • Data modelling

    From Raw Data to Usable Data: This relates to modelling the raw data, collected during UX research phase, into some meaningful artefacts. The objective is to give an understanding to the team about the user for whom they are designing the product. It also enables the teams to take decisions backed by user data.

  • User persona

    Models such as User Persona, Usage Contexts and Scenarios and User Stories can be build which will help different teams in terms of taking decisions throughout the development process

  • Prototype design

    Prototyping phase is about putting down your thinking on the board visually. It may have started with rough sketches and then complete user journeys can be visualize using LO-FI designing tools like balsamiq, Pencil, Axure. This phase will the understanding about how user goals are going to be realized in the best possible way for end users.

  • Wireframe design

    Wire framing is also called High Fidelity design phase where the exact colour font, font size and spacing is defined. It is the detailed design phase in which a style guide is also created by UI designer to maintain the consistency of all design elements throughout the design.

  • UX validation & verification

    This is the stage in which the final testing of the product is done by involving users. The activity involves real users testing the interface while they are performing their tasks.