When is the Best Time to Conduct Automation Testing?

Automation testing has been a major part of software development. It ensures quality material to be sent to the people. But sometime quality assurance team misinterpret the right time to conduct automation testing. Hence we have put together a number of ways that will help you determine the right time for automation testing.

What is Automation Testing?

Software is an important part of a business to grow. There are many kinds of things that software does and provide efficient results. But the developers who build software ensure that is working great and meeting requirements. Hence there is some testing conducted that helps understand a presumed outcome. This is a way through which ease through any repetitive tasks and which are rather difficult to perform in person.

When to Start Test Automation?

Technology has overcome the world and a part of it is automation testing services. The great thing about it is these services are very easy and make things get done faster. An all the more amazing thing is that if you want a quality product of software, then you should conduct automation testing.  There are many situations when you realize that automation testing must be done:

1. To Optimize the Speed and Efficiency

Automation testing services help you gain control over the speed and the ramp. These tests reduce the feedback cycle and allow an aster way for validation for phrases. These aids in the development of the software thereby helping you remove bugs in the initial stages. Therefore, it helps in increase in efficiency and makes the development phases much smoother.

2. To Increase the Quality and Decrease the Cost

There is a huge process involved before software rolls out to the public. Along with the development phase, there is a quality team that works out behind the software working perfectly. Automation testing services allow you room to reduce the labor of the quality team. This way, businesses can save money by leaving it up to the software.

3. When there are the number of test cases under one test-suite

Many testing cases are involved in the testing services. Some are high-risk and some are done over and over again. Some tests are quite difficult to perform. In such cases, automation testing services bring out all that under one roof and start working on them without wasting much time.

4. When there is a requirement of running the test cases in a defined order

Manual automation testing has to be done in a certain way by following a certain number of steps consecutively. Hence, in those cases, an automation tool will allow you to make those cases according to requirements by the following discipline for the same.

5. To Increase the Test Coverage

When software is in process of being developed there are observations. Test coverage is the measurement of the number of lines that are present in the code and the number of lines that are executed by the tests. Automation testing services help speed up the process and ensure that the coverage is huge demographic.

6. When you need to run the same test cases on different machines at the same time

As a business, a developer has to ensure that all the software in machines is working their finest. But, along with it, they must also make sure that the testing is done efficiently and quickly. Hence, automation services can run on all multiple machines at the same time thus saving time and cost.

7. When you need to test single functionality with multiple data sets

Every businessman knows that an operation runs on numbers. If you do not have the time to run the numbers, then you will not be able to have control over it. While that is needed, all tools function on a single functionality. That being said, the amount of data produced is massive. Hence, automation testing services allow that to happen on more than on devices. Not only that, it has the ability to calculate a huge amount of data within a jiffy.

8. Generation of Detailed Reports

Finally, reports are important to keep track of the history and what brought it to the present. But you need not worry about generating reports through these tools. These automation testing service tools create a report with detailed analysis for you. Therefore, you will have a detailed report on what is happening with the software.

Software Product Testing

How to start Automation Testing?

Automation testing is a huge process that involves a lot of thinking and practical knowledge. In any case, it is not that difficult to start with automation testing services. Regardless of it being a lengthy process, there are primarily two main ways through which you can start automation testing. They are mentioned as follows:

1. Selection of Automation Test Tool

You will be offered endless options when you are looking for an automation tool. There is an array of worthless and efficient tools alike in the world. Hence you need to make your pick after conducting proper research. Some of the things you should keep a lookout for are:

  • The platforms it supports
  • How does it perform during quality testing
  • The number and the efficiency of the features it has
  • If the process of software is manual or automatic
  • Finally, see what results it yields at the end of the day

2. Scope of Automation

The scope of automation in testing services determines how the software will help in the practical world. This is concerning the needs of your business. Some of the ways you can select the tester are by correlating them with the pointer mentioned below:

  • The features of the tester should match your business needs
  • Should be compatible across all platforms
  • Check how complex tasks can the software solve
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Scalability
  • Check if it is good with handling large data

Pratham Software as Your Automation Testing Partner

You will find a lot of companies that promise automation testing services. But Pratham software is the right partner for your needs as they address them specifically. So far, they have developed businesses through their efficient software development. If you want to know more about the company, then you can pay a visit to their website.

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