A Feature-Rich App for Real-Time Logistics

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the internet has become the center of every aspect of our life. The exponential rise of the internet and internet-enabled devices have forced traditional businesses to implement internet-centric business strategies for better performance. No business or service has not been transformed by the world-wide-web, and logistics is also one of them.

Real-Time Logistics: Delivering Not Just Shipments but Promises Too

Logistics is one service that has to be both time and trust controlled. The stakes are always high,
and the margin of error is next to zero. As a logistics analyst once put it, “Logistics is about delivering promises first and shipments second.”

With the help of the internet, logistics players can deliver faster and better performances and ensure greater transparency in their services and operations
These benefits prompted the leading web service provider to approach Pratham for web-based courier solutions.

Here’s a detailed story highlighting the various stages and steps that went into successfully building a real-time courier app which was not only feature-rich but also ‘reliable.’

The Key Project Requirements

The client wanted Pratham to bring logistic/courier service online. The web-based service must allow users to avail popular courier services with just a few clicks as well as also receive an e-invoice of their shipment. In addition to this, the user must also be able to track live location, delivery time, and other necessary details.

The Key Challenge


The primary challenge was to develop a unified framework that could bind and seamlessly run various logistic sub-arms to deliver a real web-based logistics solution. These included:

  • Delivery time and scheduling.
  • Invoice generation.
  • Introducing on-demand shipment service of preference.
  • Provisions for batch shipments.
  • Integrating time synchronous mapping services.

The Approach

Pratham set up a team of technical experts and logistics experts to build and implement the right web-based framework that would seamlessly support the integration of functionalities, third-party APIs, and real-time data sharing.

The Technology Used

The team worked on a range of technologies to meet the various project demands.

  • Net framework for creating a dynamic web user interface. It offered interoperability, security, portability, and easy deployment solutions.
  • WCF SQL Server 2008 model or Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) was used to allow seamless transfer of asynchronous service requests from the user to the client. The technology enables optimization of various workflows like login, booking requests, tracking shipments, generating shipping rates, calculating transit time as well as the processing of cancel requests.
  • R2 LINQ to SQL for invoice generation.
  • JQuery, a JavaScript library, for data processing and easy API integrations.

The Final Product


Once the technology solution was documented, designed, and implemented the next step in the process was putting all the puzzle pieces together, and testing the solution in both test and production environment. The solution worked without any glitches for booking shipments through popular courier services like FedEx and UPS services.

Product Features

Finally, with all digital dots connected correctly, a web-based courier service solution embedded with advanced features was created. The key product highlights were:

  • A single unified web-platform for major courier services.
  • Provisions to shipment in batches.
  • Real-time tracking and reporting.
  • Multiple browser support.
  • Data security.

Key Takeaways

The development team was able to deliver a scalable and secure web solution that included all critical aspects that would allow users to avail world class logistics services at the comfort of their mobile/desktop screens
The product was developed using agile methodologies, enabling easy and fast accommodation of changes without compromising on the product quality or scope.

If you are also looking for digital solutions that help you adapt to ever-changing market dynamics, Pratham can be your ideal digital partner. With over two decades of experience in custom application development services, Pratham has helped logistics, transportation, and courier services boost performance by optimizing operations and critical supply chain components.