DevSecOps Transformation

DevSecOps Transformation

DevOps as engineering transformation

Build faster, manage less, innovate more



Why DevOps fails to deliver the promise?

how we can help

application lifecycle

Our experts help you implement DevOps practices to deliver reliable cloud-native software faster.

  • Code Quality
  • Dependency & Configuration
  • Git workflows
  • Application versions & releases
  • Artifacts

build to operate

With the advent of cloud, the construct of operating has changed where cloud providers or managed service providers catering to much of typical infrastructure operations, a more Control tower approach is required from the application teams as they transition to AppOps instead of just a development team.

security at the center

We believe Infrastructure & Network security is nearly not enough when you are innovating at speed. A Shift Left approach needs to be taken for Security in the application development life cycle and enforcement needs to be done at every stage.

container & microservices fabric

With its extensive experience, PSI provides consulting & implementation services to get the most out of container technologies for effectively implementing modern architectures & running your workloads.


We can help humanize your application lifecycle and IT operations experience by integrating DevSecOps toolchain with communication platforms like Teams & Slack to bring synergy & agility in operations and build a culture of collaboration over assignment