Pratham Software (PSI) has helped several organizations develop a scalable cloud solution native to web and mobile. Could computing has been slowly making organizations turn to its side to help them develop solutions by reducing timelines, increase speed of responses, and shrinking costs. This has resulted in businesses being effective, efficient, and gaining a competitive advantage. However, there are still many organizations that rely on the old In-house, legacy applications, to cater to their custom requirements. We understand the need for migration from legacy applications and infrastructure after being in the business for 22 years. Our expertise enables us to modernize legacy application with the help of solutions based on Cloud, SaaS, and micro-services.



Getting the most value from cloud heavily depends on how you design systems to leverage the underlying capabilities of the platform. This requires deep expertise and up-to-date awareness of services offered by hyperscalers and their nitty-gritty.

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Well Architected Reviews
  • Cloud Cost Optimization

We offer our cloud expertise in form of cloud consulting services to help our clients get the value out of their cloud adoption. Our Cloud Architects & Consultants can design platform architectures for your solutions or products or review your existing cloud architecture to meet your availability, reliability, security or performance objectives.

Cloud Migration & Modernization

While there are multitude of strategy options when moving workloads to cloud, we believe re-platforming applications to container platform often is the best strategy because of its relatively low investment and higher gains due to cloud affinity. We offer services to assess applications for container affinity, help re-platform apps to container platforms like Kubernetes or PaaS and help modernize applications to microservices and other modern architectural styles in an incremental co-existence fashion.

How do we help

  • Development of custom, commercial-grade applications, using industry best practices, latest tools and techniques.
  • Re-engineering legacy platforms by developing new improved applications to serve expanding business model.
  • Using SOA and Web Services to create Enterprise level integration
  • Quick application development and deployment to meet rapid changes in business processes

Our practice includes

  • In-depth study of architecture in existence
  • Strategy and goals for re-engineering & migration
  • Zero close to minimum downtime




We ensure organizations understand the potential of AWS cloud with no hurdles in onboarding and migrating all their systems to it. Our teams are certified and experienced to take on any challenges and are hands on to the entire AWS services portfolio. We have successfully helped our clients to move their enterprise systems load to AWS Cloud including the entire mainframe and any additional components. Equipped with the latest tools of AWS technology, the teams at PSI can bring about a revolution into the old and obsolete IT infrastructure for our clients, ensuring high performance every single time on the Cloud.

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By drawing experience from several fruitful Azure Infrastructure deployments, we simplify the process of moving and thriving in the cloud. We provide the support of automation frameworks to our cloud experts, alongside providing audited processes and the best cloud practices in the industry, which helps the design solutions that maximize our client’s benefits. We build resilient Azure infrastructure to rapidly deploy or migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime and risks involved.