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Challenges in Image Annotation

Fueled by advancements and breakthroughs in Computer Vision, it is now possible to visualize, detect and track anything in real-time. Enormous amounts of images are fed into deep learning architecture, which was inspired by the human brain, in order to comprehend the features of a subject. It requires a significant amount of computation to extract features from such a large collection of images and videos.

Cross Platform Development, Is that the future?

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, the demand for applications that can seamlessly run on various platforms has paced up. As an experienced Mobile development team member and Application Architect at Pratham Software, I have witnessed the emergence of cross-platform development and its potential to redefine the future of software development. In this… Continue reading Cross Platform Development, Is that the future?

Why Technology Modernization Is The Only Way Ahead For ISVs

Today, every business is transforming into a digital business; thanks to the revolution caused by the latest technologies. Conventionally, enterprises only used to leverage the innovation abilities of ISVs to provide solutions to their clients. However, as the technological landscape is advancing, the enterprises are trying to incorporate their own innovations in their offerings.

Why containers are the fastest way to unlock cloud value?

Read this paper to understand how containers are bringing about a revolution in how IT workloads are managed and offer a faster value delivery when moving to cloud

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