Product Engineering

Product engineering services

Product Engineering forms the nucleus of all service at Pratham Software (PSI), and we relish the nineteen years of corporate success in the in delivering world-class solutions to organizations across the globe with our outsourcing practices.

We are an organization that delivers state of the art solutions for global market leaders and ISV’s across industries like FinTech, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality, HealthTech, Retail Tech and Oil & Gas.

What we do for ISV’s

  • Demystify Outsourcing
  • Understand overall requirements and goals
  • Develop a Custom-made Solution

Our solutions focus on

  • Accelerated development and delivery
  • Best Team Creation
  • Developing Technology CoE
  • Product Transformation
  • Ongoing Product Sustenance
  • Service and Product Quality
    Service and product quality

    When you outsource, somewhere in your mind you have already thought of challenges related to service quality? At PSI, we offer you complete control of the service and product quality with assurances of an established and progressive practice. We have fine-tuned our practices with experience of delivering quality to market leaders for almost two decades.

  • Qualified Resources
    Qualified resources

    Pratham’s transparent policy ensures that each resource is formally introduced and interviewed from the customer’s point of contact. Our hiring process of ”Hiring the Best” is what makes us confident in what we deliver to the customer.

  • Proactive Vs Reactive Teams
    Proactive Vs Reactive teams

    Problem-solving and identifying principal risks with the proposed work on product lifecycle is the sign of a proactive team. Our resources have been involved in multiple projects with stringent timeline, and time and again have showcased capabilities to spot the underlying problem and report them before it becomes a headache. Project managers set for each deliverable are well versed in channelizing communication between the team and customer to make sure everything is reported nothing is overlooked.

  • Innovation at the Core
    Innovation at the core

    Outsourcing has shifted its core from a cost-saving exercise to an innovation-driven model and we have embraced it enthusiastically. We believe that, if our resources aren’t hands on with the current technologies then it’s a disadvantage to our customers. We invest in the training and development of our employees and ensure they are certified to understand and respond to customer’s business needs.

  • Time zone challenges
    Time zone challenges

    This is one challenge we can’t deny or say that does not exist, the time difference between us (India) and most of North America is almost half a day, and to Europe is 5 hours. This has turned out to be advantageous for us as we always have a buffer to address changes and get work done overnight in case of a critical release. Our dedicated development centre, Onsite presence, and partnerships with nearshore providers have made us adapt to it to deliver on time and resources ready to collaborate across the globe. We proudly call ourselves a “Your Glocal Software Partner”.

  • Cultural, Communication and Language Differences
    Cultural, communication and language differences

    At PSIwe are different and we say that proudly, but our talent and adaptiveness to technology are second to none. Our consultants and project managers have been appreciated to be precise to understand the scope of work and business query’s and deliver in time with quality. We are open to any client preferred communication platform is our answers to questions about issues that might affect connectivity. This age of developers and managers have moved beyond the language barriers and our hiring process and a training process that requires the candidate to pass an intensive English written and spoken test on the lines of IELTS ensures the rest.