A Scalable Remote Testing Environment For An MDM solution

Mobility is now a part of every enterprises’ everyday business environment. It gives the workforce the power to collaborate and communicate effectively for business productivity and efficiency. However, mobility comes with some risks too. The primary ones among these are enterprise network and data security. The growing cluster of employee-owned mobile devices within an enterprise environment leaves business critical data exposed to hackers and troublemakers.


The Client Requirement: An Overview

One of the clients, who is a leading enterprise mobility solution provider, approached Pratham for creating a test environment for its MDM solution. The client requested an MDM test strategy that could easily fit and work across various integrated systems and business environments. The primary requirement for the solution was an in-depth understanding of the MDM framework and business environment of the client. All in all, there were three requirements:

  • Thorough analysis and understanding of MDM design.
  • Designing test strategies for integrated environments i.e., MDM and Business.
  • Designing test strategies for iOS, Android, Windows phones and Windows 10 desktops

Based on these insights, PSI had to create a test environment for MDM implementation. In addition to this, the PSI team would also work on strategies for the automated testing environment to reduce testing workloads and improve customer service.

The Challenges

The PSI testing team and the MDM development team were separated by time zones. Hence, the biggest challenge was to create a remote testing environment which would foster easy collaboration and communication. This was paramount to ensure prompt changes to the integrated environment by the development team whenever the testing team needed it.

Equally challenging was creating a channel for continuous knowledge transfer. The development team released application builds every fortnight. The testing team could run tests only after receiving critical details, which meant that the time for testing was limited.

The Approach

The MDM testing strategy was designed, keeping in mind the myriad needs of large scale enterprise environments. An agile strategy was used for flexibility and continuous improvement. It gave us the speed to identify, report, and resolve issues without compromising on end goals. The approach also enabled us to deliver value from the very beginning of the development stage.


For effective time management, once a module was created, it was immediately reported to another team for verification and validation. New builds were released every fortnight for verification. The PSI team employed the following testing strategy.

  • Step 1: Checks for testing all crucial parts of the build units. Ranorex automation framework was used MDM Solution Web Server.
  • Step 2: Regression testing for application modules, new features, and functionality. Incident tickets were raised and assigned to the QA team for the same.
  • Step 3: UX testing and Performance qualification tests for different OS and web browsers.

Following qualification activities, fully fledged system checks were done through test scenarios designed and created in HP Quality Center. Detailed reports on test data, bugs with attached screenshots were also shared with the development team.

Documentation, reporting, and attention to detail were the key highlights of the test environment. Each and every step during testing was assigned a unique ticket id, which contained detailed information along with supporting screencasts and screenshots, etc.

The Final Result

PSI teams proactive approach ensured a robust testing environment for the MDM solution. The POM model ensured the reusability of builds across various enterprise environments. This helped reduce the time to market as well as improved MDM efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Managing enterprise level test environments or TEM requires expertise over complex procedures and tools. The best enterprise mobility solutions ensure optimal resource management for business productivity and efficiency. Pratham Softwares’ team of experienced developers, designers, and system architects can create on-demand scalable test environments. Visit the enterprise mobility section for more details.