Delivering Online Solutions For A Jewellery Firms Logistic and Inventory Arms

In the contemporary business world, organisations operating in different industries, adopt varying methodologies to improve their business operations, thus their overall performance. Business facets like logistics, supply chain, inventory management, etc., are gaining much more attention than ever.


In the era of cutthroat competition, to gain a competitive advantage over others, businesses must have an appropriate system to manage their inventory and logistics. If these are not designed properly, then the changes of mismanagement and severe losses are high.

A Comprehensive Jewellery Management System Development

The Beginning

The client is a leading business house in the gems and jewellery industry with over sixty vendors for overseas operations. With growing operations and expansion of business, it became difficult for them to cater to all the requirements and keep track of all the processes manually. They were looking for a robust solution that would automate the then existing manual processes and address issues related to logistics, inventory management, etc.

The Challenge

Since the firm operates in the jewellery industry, they did not have a clear picture of what they wanted; thus their requirements were ambiguous. The information provided to us was scattered, and because of no single point of contact for requirement understanding, the changes in the requirements were frequent. Adding to this, we had to incorporate changes simultaneously because of a tight delivery schedule.

Concerning technological challenges, we were required to minimize the impact of the frequent change request and create a crisp and straightforward UI for complex processes. The duration was less than a year, and the delivery model was offsite.


The key to success in designing a logistics management system is smooth and effective integration between different activities, such as cooperation, coordination, and information communication. The aim was to connect all the components of the jewellery business.

After analyzing and understanding all the requirements, we decided to form a team of 3 members solely for the project. Java was used for application development, and platform used was an eclipse. The front end of the application was developed with JSP, and MySQL was used for the database. We also tried to keep the cost minimal by using such tools where the cost of licensing does not incur.

The Final Product

We were committed to delivering a robust, role-based application with emphasis on security and flexibility. Our product incorporated all the features that were required to make the operations smooth.


  • An inventory management system that records everything from entries to successful orders and tracking.
  • Generation of real-time reports and analytics
  • Secure and flexible dashboard
  • Complete management of supply chain

The application transformed the business engagements drastically. All the features were easy to use, and the application helped the client’s business grow manifold.

The complexity of logistics can be modelled, visualised, analysed, and optimised by dedicated simulation software. Every organisation, regardless of the industry it is operating in, must devote its resources for logistics and inventory management. Pratham Software provides software development services at an affordable price. We have years of expertise in developing software and applications for diverse needs of clients.