Enterprise Mobility: Your Third Screen To A World Full Of Opportunities

Mobile computing has had an impact on the 21st century that has easily dwarfed that of one of the greatest of all human inventions ‘the automobile.’ While the latter changed the speed with which we move from one place to another, mobile computing launched everything to the orbit.

Mobile Computing has reinvented our future, and its importance for enterprise has become greater now, given the fast-changing contemporary consumer behavior, market trends, and technology adoption. This blog highlights some of the key reasons that make enterprise mobility a new world full of opportunities for businesses irrespective of their sizes.

#1. For Not Solving But Avoiding Challenges

Studies prove that businesses that avoid challenges are far better off than those enterprises that first encounter and then decide the solution. As enterprises embrace the industry 4.0 transformation, enterprise mobility will play a key role in identifying challenges across consumer and business cross functions. More than half of the companies today accept that Enterprise Mobile Apps is one worthy investment.

#2. For Full Productivity

In the 24*7 economy, businesses rely on software and internet for meeting productivity needs. This means that challenges of the past are the opportunities of today and BYOD trend tops this list, which was earlier neglected from within the enterprise community owing to its security concerns. But today, BYOD is at the center of the mobile-centric workplace evolution. With niche technologies like cloud computing, enterprises are embracing the ‘work anytime from anywhere culture’ for greater productivity across business workflows. Further, a greater chunk of the workforce will soon comprise of millennials who would most likely prefer a mobile integrated workplace.

#3. For Improved Collaboration

Time and place are no longer a constraint for enterprises. Mobility fosters seamless collaboration among project leads, managers, employees, and on-field teams, thus fueling greater efficiencies for faster service/product delivery for enterprises.

#4. For Work-Life balance

Flexibility is one thing that is most desired by the 21st-century employee/worker. The millennials will very soon become the dominant global workforce. Unlike previous generations, millennials are difficult to please with standard workflows. As such, they desire greater work-life balance that pays equal impetus to their health and relationships which means workplace flexibility is one thing that enterprises will have to offer if they desire to retain talent. Mobility will help enterprises introduce a stress-free work environment for its employees.

#5. For New and Unexplored Business Frontiers

Most businesses today have unlimited consumer data which can offer great insights on consumer buying behavior. Enterprise mobility with its cloud computing, social media, and analytics prowess, gives businesses an ideal environment to introduce new business models and strategies based on real-time data-driven insights and information.

#6. For Customer Loyalty

Mobility solution ensures greater informed penetration into customer sentiment, behavior, interactions and activities. Businesses can now identify challenges as well as opportunities with greater accuracy and accordingly deliver products/services that customer wants and love.

#7. For Reduced Operational Overheads

Enterprise mobility is still in its infancy which means that in terms of benefits and advantages ‘the best is yet to come.’ However, during this short timeline of enterprise mobility, businesses have managed to say goodbye to traditional operational costs by offering business-grade capabilities enhanced with the excellent user experience.

Today, enterprise mobility has evolved way beyond its earlier initial one-dimensional use cases to offer productivity across multiple business verticals. It has seen continuous adoption across industries like healthcare, retail, Insurance, supply chain, etc. for its remote engagement and collaboration benefits. The tradition is set to pick up the pace, and if you are looking for an ideal technology partner/guide for making the transition to the enterprise, Pratham will serve all your needs and more. We have a proven record of helping enterprises embrace an Enterprise Mobility Management strategy which is both easy to adopt and adapt. Please visit for further details.