Festivities bring Life to a State of Exuberance

Zig Ziglar, an American author & motivational speaker rightly states, “You don’t build a business; you build people who then build the business.” Festivals and holidays are synonyms for a corporate house and employees. At workplace, it is time to think about ourselves and the people around us.
At PSI, festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and participation. Festivities began with grand Diwali celebrations. It was followed by an Annual picnic filled with team building activities.
Magic of Christmas was spread by Secret Santa, where employees were dressed in red and brought gifts for each other.
New Year’s morning was a ‘Health Day’ for all. The day kicked off with a vigorous Yoga session and healthy breakfast for employees. The evening witnessed the techies don the Masterchef aprons for the Battle of Salads.
These celebrations would have been incomplete without the undying enthusiasm by PSI folks. The year 2016 for PSI definitely started off with excitement and optimism!