How do you reap the benefits of Cloud?

The Cloud Computing market is maturing and there is a lot spoken about its plus and minuses in terms of business viability. While the positives are spoken largely, there is another perspective. It is generally said that when you move into a public cloud, there are performance issues caused by others being on the same public cloud, commonly referred to as “noisy neighbor” problem.
On the other hand, public clouds enable you to allocate more machine instances on demand. The cloud infrastructure is a positive step as it overcomes the burdens and hurdles of having physical presence onsite. The continuous improvement, previously showcased as a competitive advantage, is no longer the key word. Organizations like Google, Amazon are regularly updating their cloud infrastructure and managed services. The underlying point is to have a focused approach towards business integration.
Earlier software professionals were focused on developing technological solutions for their clients, and once delivered explored new opportunities. The innovation cycle is moving at a rapid pace nowadays and the technologies are ever evolving; leading to increased number of technical staff to work further on any project.
A preferred alternative is to consider cloud management. Cloud management refers to the software and technologies designed for operating and monitoring applications, data and services residing on the cloud.
The system favors all sizes of business but proves really fruitful for middle and small sized ones. Cloud Solutions have been of great effectiveness for enterprises over the years and there are proven cases.
Ultimately, it is upto you to make the most of Cloud Solutions.
There are some tips that enterprises can consider to seek the right benefits:

  • Plan and Ask the right questions: One of the most important factors influencing the success of a cloud initiative is the careful planning that goes into it.
  • Think proactively to empower Business: Have a vision in place to understand the future anticipated changes and develop the cloud infrastructure accordingly.
  • Efficient Governance: Agile governance helps in strategic decision making; thus the improvements can be aligned and undertaken smoothly.
  • Focus on sustainable development: Regular up gradation is required for quality and functionality issues. The right fit development model, whether it’s SaaS or other models; the decision is crucial.

PSI has collaborated with the customers and developed suitable solutions. Our understanding of business challenges across industries helps us to provide our customers the best of the solutions and choices in Cloud and choose it right the first time.
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