How is Advanced Analytics Helping Modern Businesses?

“Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.”- Larry Page, Google Inc. CEO

Business Intelligence is an increasingly popular term in today’s business economy and has garnered lot of recognition lately. Even when majority of modern business houses are already well fed with technological tools and applications, not each one of them enjoys differentiation in terms of productivity and performance upscale.

Business Intelligence, at its core, isn’t just a tool. It is a set of improved processes, technologies and architectures which can generate insightful information to fund critical business decisions and profitable actions. Use of BI has seen an exponential rise in past few years, especially in small and medium business enterprises where accurate analysis of market trends and improvising is a core attribute of day-to-day operations.

With correct BI data, businesses can easily identify and make use of market trends to steer across a potentially profitable opportunity, backed by factual data and analysis. Decision-makers use BI tools to essentially improve business productivity and help cater more valuable services to their growing clientele. However, it is still a very complex process and needs definite data inputs and resources to derive meaningful insights.

Intelligent Business making

As a matter of fact, business intelligence connects the past data patterns with present-day opportunities to help enterprises invest on the best leads. It has a substantial role in organization’s strategic decision-making and ensures increased productivity by making use of historical data across constructive leads.

Key decision-makers and stakeholders can conveniently make use of modern day BI tools to produce most profitable decisions and investments. Today’s BI has profoundly advanced in terms of accessibility and comprehension to ensure even the least technical professionals can easily understand the data analysis reports/summaries and initiate the required decisions.

Why do we need Business Intelligence

Basically, Business intelligence tools are essentially data-driven Decision Support Systems (DSS), which can help understand the hidden patterns and market trends by means of factual representation.  Enterprise BI tools are designed and developed for top level associates and C-suite employees to easily evaluate myriads of data patters themselves, thereby limiting the need of an IT-team every time they wish to make crucial decisions.

Here are some of the advantages of using Business Intelligence System which can help modern enterprises seize desired growth prospects and profitable acquisition.

  1. Boost productivity

First, BI tools help businesses gain considerable market lead by letting decision-makers discover latent business patterns and trends that might turn out to be great investments. The applicability of BI isn’t just limited to top level executives, instead employees too can make use of BI tools to experience increased productivity and decision-making across their respective work domains. It helps businesses identify hidden insights and resolve performance issues which might narrow the productivity of any work place.

  1. Streamlining business process through extensive evaluation

BI helps users gain easy access to data-backed methodologies like predictive analysis and benchmarking to help organizations produce an all-inclusive report regarding market trends and opportunities.

  1. Mobile BI

BI interfaces can now be accessed through mobile computational devices to help users gain increased competence in their respective work space. With mobile BI, users can gain access to readily available business reports and summaries in a much more apprehensive and compelling interface. Major advancement in the field of computational storytelling has largely endorsed the success of mobile BI solutions, allowing users can easily access valuable analytical data directly from their mobile device.

Upcoming business intelligence and analytics trends like Artificial Intelligence, embedded BI and cloud analytics will soon improve user capability and help them leverage real-time data analysis and dashboard reporting by means of extended reporting and pattern evaluation. With Pratham’s enterprise-grade BI solutions, businesses can comfortably make use of their legacy data and devise profitable market decisions. Learn more about our services at