How Salesforce Integration Promises Improved ROI for SMBs & Startups

While many might argue that Salesforce is a CRM tailor-made for enterprises, its potency in accelerating sales and growth for SMB’s and startups cannot be undermined at all. In fact, a study reveals that incompetence is the key reason for most startups withering away even before fruition, making salesforce the ideal time-saving CRM tool for startups and SMB’s.

Wondering how is it possible? This blog tells you everything you need to know about how businesses can maximize their ROI through Salesforce.

#1. Through Sales Optimization & Credibility

The golden rule for making a sale is targeting the right lead at the right time with the right resources. Salesforce helps businesses to do all this and more. Businesses can not only save important team-time through process automation but can also better decide business goals and specific growth metrics.

#2. Through Cost-effective Marketing Campaigns

Most startups and SMBs stick to a marketing campaign that appeals to the audience but not the person. A good reason for this is the financial and human resource constraints that most startups and SMBs have to encounter day in day out. This leaves businesses with little assistance in determining what exactly the customers want or need. But Salesforce offers automated solutions to gather valuable marketing data. Using insights and patterns, startups can target their potential clients and leads at a budget and time-frame which is way efficient and credible. In fact, salesforce supports easy integration of Automate routine processes which startups can leverage to gain essential customer insights as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

#3. Through Analytics

Product/service optimization has been a big challenge in startups and SMBs for years now. Amidst the ever growing competition, there has been an increasing need for an agile optimization solution that can quickly identify credible parameters for product improvement and customer retention. With Salesforce, businesses can get hands-on data on customer preferences and accordingly align their products and services. This significantly contributes to building stronger customer relationships for incremental business growth.

#4. Through Efficient Collaboration

Working in a startup environment can be a taxing experience. Particularly, when team members have to wear multiple hats and work across functions. Salesforce makes this easy by a considerable factor. It efficiently automates routine tasks and processes so that your sales team is not burdened with process-heavy tasks and can focus on building customer relationships, selling, etc.

#5. Through Well Oiled Customer Services

In light of the competition, the role of customer service in the growth of SMBs and startups is higher than ever. But for most startups, smoothly running customer service can be an uphill task. Key roadblocks include limited finance and human resource. Salesforce helps startups and SMBs to get rid of existing gaps in their current customer service workflows. In addition to prompt client engagement and service, Salesforce also helps to streamline social media networks for enhanced target acquisitions.

Determining Your Salesforce ROI

Technology adoption comes with its own set of challenges ranging from adaptive to ROI. In the case of Salesforce, some key metrics help to track the ROI on salesforce implementation. These are categorized under various heads. These include:

  •    Business Metrics: team productivity and process improvement.
  •    Sales Metrics: close rates, change in revenue, sales cycle efficiency, total sales, products per customer, etc.
  •    Marketing Metrics: total leads generated post-integration, costs per lead, revenue through campaigns, etc.
  •    Service Metrics: cases generated and closed, resolution time, etc.
  •    Benefit Metrics: improved customer experience and engagement, team adaptability, visibility, data management, etc.

Unlike other CRM tools available these days, Salesforce promises greater conversions and ROI with full proof data security. However, for unleashing its real potential, it is paramount to choose a consulting partner for proper implementation of Salesforce solutions. We at Pratham have over two decades of experience in implementing innovative CRM solutions for our clients. Contact us today if you are looking for a seamless CRM integration.