Not Just Business, Digital Has Broadened Outsourcing Too: Is Outsourcing Your Best Decision in 2020?

Few things have as broad an impact on customer behavior as technological evolution. For instance, barely a decade ago, booking flight tickets was a time-consuming exercise. Even an inquiry, let alone booking, would require a trip to the travel agent. But thanks to our smartphone, we can now book flight tickets with just a few clicks.

This change is not restricted to booking flight tickets alone. Rather the digital wave is transforming every aspect of consumer behavior including what products they want, how they want it and when they want it.

This has forced enterprises of all scale and size to put digital solutions at the heart of their business strategy and goals. But success in the digital age is as much about a factor of agility as capability.

Organizations that can undergo digital transformation quickly have a competitive edge as well as enjoy an assured preparedness to align with future digital disruptions. This is where the role of outsourcing has evolved beyond just technical solution providers. Today, outsourcing services act as true technical partners who offer enterprises with agility and defense that digital-age services desire.

Why Outsource In 2020?

The scale of outsourcing has evolved exceedingly as digital transformation sweeps across the business landscape.

Today, enterprise-grade digital solutions are not merely tools to do tasks efficiently, it is rather an ecosystem that intelligently promotes business growth. The outsourcing partners are like caretakers of this ecosystem. They put on multiple hats for enterprises and act as an extended arm of the enterprise. They ensure that the enterprise’s digital ecosystem is well aligned to serve a business need uninterrupted.

For Tapping Into New Opportunities


Digital solutions like cloud computing, salesforce, business intelligence, etc offer enterprises the ability to identify new business opportunities at a radical pace. But designing, implementing, and managing these services can be time and resource consuming. Moreover, these solutions require an expert team which further adds and amplifies business operational costs.

Outsourcing is an ideal way for enterprises to deal with all these challenges in a cost-effective and timely manner. With outsourcing, enterprises have the freedom to focus on business-specific goals and objectives and worry less about technical prowess

For Mitigating Risks

Traditional Enterprise IT departments cannot fulfill the diverse needs of digital transformation. Unlike yesteryears when the enterprise IT department’s role was restricted to maintenance and support alone, today’s enterprise IT roles and responsibilities have evolved significantly. They must be alert to:

  • New system integrations
  • Data threats.
  • Network security risks
  • and much more

For an enterprise, managing evolving technology risks along with maintenance and demands is not easy. More often than not, the absence of a dedicated and experienced team can cause reputational and business loss. As per a recent report, data theft or loss can result in a loss amounting to 20% of revenue.

To Stay Prepared For Change

The impact of digital on the business landscape has been all-pervasive. It has not only leveled the playing field but also forced enterprises to keep an eye on the future too. Unlike yesteryears when the IT ecosystem was static and limited, today the enterprise IT infrastructure is dynamic and increasingly overlapping with other digital services like IoT, Data Science, AI, and ML.

As such the IT needs of an enterprise keep evolving and getting more complex with each passing day. An organization that fails to align with these changing demands will turn obsolete. Outsourcing is the best way for enterprises to sail through the changing digital tiles towards business productivity, growth and success.

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