PSI Business Continuity Plan thrives in COVID Era

PSI Business Continuity Plan thrives in COVID Era

The use of face mask, frequent washing of hands, sanitization is some of the best practices to prevent COVID infections. Similarly, for the business continuity in these uncertain times, requires digital preparedness ultimately evolving some of the best practices for the business continuity at PSI.

Business Continuity Preparedness & Risk Extinction

As the world was gradually getting under lockdown so was PSI. India had not declared lockdown till 24th March 2020, but PSI much before that, had triggered its BCP, foreseeing lockdown decision coming in anytime by the government. In the first week of March 2020, the PSI Leadership team formed a Task Force of all Senior Managers and sprang into action to test its BCP for the long COVID fight, to keep the business afloat. The initial challenge was keeping all our software development activities up and running for our global clients from our India Development Centre during the lockdown. The Work from Home which has become the new normal in COVID was already existing as a policy at PSI but at a bigger scale, it required comprehensive testing and seamless functioning.

As part of the BCP, the Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) was created on Cloud for all the software development assets and activities. In the local Network Operations Centre (NOC), all security measures were reviewed and further Endpoint Security for all systems was implemented. Strong security rules and measures were re-configured through the Firewall to protect the PSI network from unwanted traffic. Secure VPN setup for all users through Automated Scripts was applied. High availability Monitoring tools were implemented to monitor the network and server performance, continuous availability of applications and data to the users, and in case of any break, downs would alert for immediate action and redressal.

During the preparations, the NOC team had many challenges in front of them. One of the challenges was testing of the DRS in the shortest time possible and bring it to live and running and making available all the latest data on the S3 bucket. Monitoring of all the alerts and alarms, 24/7 and be ready with solutions in case of server, network, or other system breakdowns. Providing sufficient and comfortable bandwidth to all the users during VPN connectivity and otherwise. Since PSI from the last number of years already had a Work from Home facility which was on and off was being used by the employees, now during the lockdown when all the software development teams and all other general users would work from home, this was a crucial time when all the network infrastructure and data server access especially from a security standpoint was put to test. The NOC in advance tested the bandwidth and secured access with an adequate number of users for hassle-free unified usage.

Also, when all PSI team members would work from home, Collaboration was on everyone’s mind. Tools to collaborate were identified for online meetings, discussions, work, training sessions, within the PSI, and with the external world keeping in mind the secured exchange of information. Collaboration tools were deployed for smooth online functioning.

The Operations Department had made arrangements for all the computing infrastructure especially the data cards to the employees for the internet, laptops any other devices for testing and processing.

Monitoring of Business Continuity

PSI implemented a complete lockdown of its office facilities from the 16th of March 2020, with full preparations. All employees initiated their Work from Home, with a bang, including employees who had departed to their native places before Govt declared lockdown. The smooth and successful transition of work from the office to home enabled PSI to serve its’ customers the way they were being served in pre-COVID times.

The PSI Business Continuity Task Force made it a point to meet daily online, to keep a strict watch on the BCP progress, identify any issues or risks, plan their mitigation and see-through that every employee is comfortable working remotely. As COVID lockdown began, government advisories pouring in for the citizens as well as for the industries and businesses. PSI BCP Task Force and Operations team kept a close watch on such advisories especially affecting PSI, keeping in touch with the state government authorities for any guidelines, special permissions, or follow-ups.

The challenge for the BCP Task Force and all senior leadership was to keep the morale and motivation of their teams high. The constant communication and extending all necessary support at this juncture were the key task, which obviously kept people in a high working spirit.

Business Continuity Payoff

Team PSI as a whole, in its pursuit against COVID 19 rose to the occasion working under home lockdown, from remote locations not only serving their customers but walking hand in hand with them in the times of business crises, further consolidating relationships. The Business Continuity Plan paid off, enabling remote teams to function sprucely, without any system break downs, PSI Business Continuity.