Salesforce Analytics Cloud vs Tableau

With over 2.5 quintillion bytes of valuable data being generated every day, the data analytics market will likely be worth $203 billion by the end of 2020.

Data as a business entity has majorly taken over the enterprise space to become the single most important resource for any organization seeking to stay competitive and productive. Owing to this tremendous data growth, lots of modern-day enterprises are seeking to leverage its business potential and gain considerable edge in their targeted market segments. What businesses actually need is a technically accomplished software solution which can easily store, manage, and analyze all the available business data with outright accuracy and deliver otherwise incomprehensible insights to fund factual decision making.

Modern day enterprises can easily cash in higher profitability out of the evident deluge of instrumental data by applying data analytics and BI techniques to derive actionable insights from the myriad of business data available to them. Today when the importance of data analytics has plausibly reached its all time high, businesses are hunting for IT vendors and analytical service providers to help them realize their motive of business intelligence and turn data availability into value generating resource.

Tableau V/s Salesforce Analytics

Comparison between Salesforce and Tableau has been longstanding in today’s business world for both of them being big-time enterprise favorites and also the best two leading players in their respective application domains.


Tableau is advertised as a desktop BI platform designed and developed to help decision-makers conveniently understand patterns in the available company data. Unlike its contemporaries, Tableau doesn’t produce analytical charts. Rather, users get to use its GUI based analytical solutions to steer through the enormous data.
Similar to its other opponents, tableau users also get to experience highly functional dashboards and visual outputs which essentially help with data exploration, insights generation, and prioritizing opportunities to improve decision making and overall performance.

In addition to this, the platform also supports multi-platform sharing, so that users can avail self-servicing analytics from any device of their choice. Web dashboards and advanced reporting format makes tableau an excellent pick for businesses who wish to improve their work process by means of analytics based real-time decision making for sales.


On the other hand, Salesforce analytics is powered by Einstein AI and helps businesses easily analyze and convert raw data into meaningful insight. The platform is completely cloud-based and allows enhanced data consolidation from disparate sources to allows its users derive valuable conclusions.

Insights derived from Salesforce analytics can easily be utilized to promote work process efficiency and productivity and help enterprises establish a better understanding with their intended customer base. With Salesforce Analytics, its all about providing right service/product, to the right person, through a right medium, on right time.

Why is it better than the rest?

Salesforce analytics isn’t just good, its growing even better. With this platform, enterprises get to experience a dramatic upsurge in their work process and numerous market opportunities turning doable by virtue of its empowering efficiency and analytical competence available at every significant organizational level. The analytics platform packs an easy to understand UI which helps users obtain enhanced results from any compatible device. The platform is cloud-based, making it incredibly fast and prompt to deliver results at run-time.

Wrapping it up

Salesforce has long been leading the CRM space with its legacy products, helping global enterprises deliver better value to their increasing customer base. With extensive customization and platform integration, the analytics platform takes data-driven decision making to a different level altogether. With Pratham’s custom developed Salesforce solutions, enterprises have recourse to the leading predictive and augmented analytics solutions to fund better business decisions and customer experience. Visit us at to know more.