AI-powered digital platform for people-powered business

AI-powered digital platform for people-powered business



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The platform offers a SaaS solution designed for boutique coaching and consulting businesses that specialize in learning and development solutions. By addressing the challenges these businesses face in delivering digital learning content to their clients, the platform provides a turnkey solution for creating and maintaining their own digital platforms. Utilizing artificial intelligence, the system personalizes content delivery for each user, enhancing engagement and retention. It offers a fully configurable, branded platform that encompasses workshops, micro-learning, online content, surveys, 360-degree feedback, communities, client reporting, engagement tracking, and more in one comprehensive solution.

The customer sought a quick-to-market AI-based people engagement platform and required a technical partner to understand their business requirements and bridge their technical gaps. In response, we supported the client in rapidly developing the front-end for both mobile and web users using cross-platform development technology, specifically Flutter. This approach facilitated a remarkable time to market, allowing the client to secure funding for further development while ensuring consistent product appearance and high performance across all platforms. PSI also provided additional development support, including GCP expertise.


The customer required a quick technical solution to achieve early time-to-market benefit

Easy onboarding steps for any new client

Easy scalability and robust security

PSI Intervention

PSI served as a crucial technical partner, providing frontend, backend, quality assurance, and support capabilities. The architecture’s robustness ensured seamless future development to meet all product requirements. We utilized Flutter and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for the frontend, enabling multi-platform reach with one codebase, reducing time-to-market.

Our development team embraced automated deployment with GitOps, saving time and ensuring reliable releases. Leveraging GCP’s services like Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, Pub/Sub, Compute Engine, Firestore, and Firebase provided on-demand scalability, security, cost-effectiveness, and reliability for the backend infrastructure.


The platform was released in record time, allowing the customer to secure the necessary funds promptly. With a low-code-no-code product architecture, businesses find it easy to onboard and learn the system, simplifying the process for new clients. As a result, customers are highly satisfied with the product’s performance and capabilities.

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The project focuses on an environmentalist’s three-decade dedication to sustainability. It aims to create a platform improving organizations’ sustainability planning, management, communication, and reporting.